OSEES - Levitation Sessions LP
OSEES - Levitation Sessions LP
OSEES - Levitation Sessions LP
OSEES - Levitation Sessions LP
OSEES - Levitation Sessions LP
OSEES - Levitation Sessions LP
OSEES - Levitation Sessions LP
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OSEES - Levitation Sessions LP


    THIS IS A PRE-ORDER (Ships for 3/5/21)

    NIVA Edition
    Audiophile Grade Two-Way Green Smash Vinyl.

    ZEBULON Edition
    Desert Sand + Neon Pink Smash with Desert Sand, Neon Pink and Black splatter

    HOTEL VEGAS Edition
    Desert Sand + Neon Orange Half and Half, with Desert Sand, Blue and Purple splatter

    Each edition includes a 7” with the final track from the show, "Block Of Ice" pressed on Desert Sand colored vinyl. These limited vinyl editions will be released March 5, 2021, shipping to arrive on or before that date.

    Back in September,
    OSEES performed a blistering set out in the desert at Pappy & Harriet’s, which aired on the LEVITATION Sessions streaming series.  

    The live album is now being pressed on 3 limited vinyl pressings via The Reverberation Appreciation Society record label. OSEES and the label are donating 100% of proceeds to independent music venues. Music venues have been hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, with many in danger of closing their doors permanently. Unfortunately some have already.

     The NIVA Edition proceeds will be donated to the National Independent Venue Association’s Emergency Relief Fund. The fund has been launched to raise money for the most vulnerable venues, and keep them afloat during these unprecedented times for live music.

    Special editions for two independent clubs have also been created:

    Zebulon Edition - benefitting Zebulon in Los Angeles, California

    Hotel Vegas Edition - benefitting Hotel Vegas in Austin, Texas 

    Both venues hold a special place in OSEES history, and have irreplaceable roles as incubators of their local indie music scene.  

    "During this particularly hard year, it was a pleasure to work with our good friends over at Levitation and Pappy and Harriet's to reach out to some of our fans, if only for a fleeting hour.  This is the proper plastic that came from that evening. We are trying to keep some of our favorite haunts, dives, glorious old venues and bars open through this triail, as it's obvious the lizards that make up the current administration have no real interest in extending any realistic help to struggling businesses.  

    Venues have been hit particularly hard by this and without them, there is no us....so this is a small token of appreciation and a grassroots effort to lend a helping hand in their time of need.  Take care, be well and keep your eyes on the horizon."

     - John Dwyer

    Please note:

    Due to the the massive response and excitement around the release, we have decided to make all three versions open editions, and no longer limited to 1000 each. Our goal is to maximize our donations to the venues and this will ensure we get the most to them in their time of need. Thank you for your support of a cause near and dear to all our hearts <3

    Due to the nature of making a swirl/splatter vinyl record, each record is one of a kind. The vinyl you receive may look very different from our photo. Swirl/Splatter vinyl is more prone to surface noise and imperfections.

    All pre-order sales are final.