LEVITATION : Heavy Rotation

LEVITATION : Heavy Rotation

by web developer on August 05, 2020
LEVITATION : Heavy Rotation
LEVITATION : Heavy Rotation
Photo by Briana Purser

Our Heavy Rotation playlist has been updated – fully stocked with music from over a decade of Levitation and Austin Psych Fest lineups + bands on the wishlist, and tunes we just can’t get out of our head.

Broadcast, Bright Black, LA Witch, Holy Wave, Frankie, Starflyer, Dungen, more Gizz, more Slowdive, more Ty, more MBV, more Spiritualized, and more more more good stuff.

2020 marks ten years of booking Levitation (and Austin Psych Fest) for me. A lot of these songs feel like old friends, they’ve been with me a long time. I wanted a playlist I could put on for anyone, kind of a gateway into our musical world for the uninitiated. A lot of the heavier and more experimental stuff we’re into and book isn’t necessarily on here. Just the jams, so to speak, and some new stuff too. I’ll be adding to it periodically, enjoy!” – Rob


Rare Signed Vinyl - Levitation Sessions


Melody's Echo Chamber - S/T + Unfold + 10th Anniversary Deluxe 2xLP


Adrian Quesada - Jaguar Sound (Levitation Edition)


Goat - World Music 10th Anniversary LP


Acid Dad - Get Me High 7"


Goat - Oh Death (Levitation Edition)


Psychic Ills - Live at Levitation


Moon Duo - Live at Levitation