Psych-punk psychic warrior, ear worm-farmer, and possessor of many stamped passport pages John Dwyer does not let up. His group Oh Sees (aka Thee Oh Sees, OCS, The Oh Sees, etc) have transmogrified to fit many a moment - from hushed druggy folk to groovy demonic pop chants to science fictional krautrock expanse and beyond - to suit his omnivorous whims.  

We've been lucky enough to host Dwyer and the band many a time on our stages, and to release two Levitation Sessions. Dig in.

OSEES Session Tie Dye T-shirt


OSEES - Levitation Sessions II LP


OSEES - Levitation Sessions I LP


OSEES Poster by Robin Gnista


OSEES Session Vol. II Tie Dye T-Shirt


OSEES - Levitation Sessions II Cassette


OSEES Session Vol. II T-shirt


OSEES Session T-shirt