Acid Mothers Temple - Levitation Sessions LP
Acid Mothers Temple - Levitation Sessions LP

Acid Mothers Temple - Levitation Sessions LP


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     2-Color Gold/Apple Red Swirl Vinyl - 500 Copies
    Heavy Splatter Explosion- Over-Run Copies Available!

    Official Vinyl Pressing taken from the band's LEVITATION Session!

    Recorded and Mixed by: Acid Mothers Temple
    Mastered by Nick Townsend

    Vinyl Tracklist:
    Dark Star Blues 
    Disco Pink Lady Lemonade

    Pink Lady Lemonade Coda
    Cometary Orbital Drive

    The LP features a selection of the full show, with the track-list and songs trimmed to the band's vision of an ideal vinyl listening experience across two 20 minute sides of a single LP.

    Since 1995, the visionary Japanese collective have been exploring the outer rings of psych and space rock. Their legendary live show has taken them to all corners of the earth, and perhaps beyond, and we’re stoked to have them touch down for an episode of Levitation Sessions. If the band’s name doesn’t already give you idea of their sound, look no further than the album titles in their rich discography: Hypnotic Liquid Machine from the Golden Utopia, Troubadours from Another Heavenly World, Chant from the Cosmic Inferno, Have You Seen the Other Side of the Sky - this is deeply psychedelic stuff, like… musicians trying to reach the other side of the galaxy stuff. They’ve gathered up a batch of their most acclaimed jammers here + a brand new one for this absolutely ripping Session + vinyl release.

    Streaming on Bandcamp below:

    Please note:

    Due to the nature of making a swirl/splatter vinyl record, each record is one of a kind. The vinyl you receive may look very different from our photo. Swirl/Splatter vinyl is more prone to surface noise and imperfections.