Föllakzoid - V (Levitation Edition) Double LP
Föllakzoid - V (Levitation Edition) Double LP
Föllakzoid - V (Levitation Edition) Double LP
Föllakzoid - V (Levitation Edition) Double LP
Föllakzoid - V (Levitation Edition) Double LP
Föllakzoid - V (Levitation Edition) Double LP

Föllakzoid - V (Levitation Edition) Double LP


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    Levitation Edition Exclusive Pressing:

    150 copies on 2x LP Cloudy Clear & Grey Vinyl 
    we split this limited pressing with our friends at Rough Trade, the total pressing size is 300 of which we have half available here.



    Föllakzoid grows via depuration, aiming with each record to fill longer spaces of time with fewer and fewer elements. And like the best techno, kraut, and psychedelia have proven throughout time, sometimes the most minimal frame work is the strongest container for transcendence. Which is what Föllakzoid have achieved with V, an immersive opus that takes the listener on seductive journey straight to the dance floor.

    The creative perspective of the band has always been about unlearning the narrative, musical and visual paradigms that shape physical and digital conceptions, in an effort to make a time-space metric structure that dissolves both the author and the narrative. As the creative project of queer and trans artist Domingæ, the bandhas had a unique experience navigating the psychedelic rock scene.

    Unlike past Föllakzoid records, that were done in single takes with the full band, their latest record V took a month to construct out of more than 70 separate stems. Guitars, bass, drums, synthesizers, and vocals, were all recorded in isolation and producer Atom™, who was not present for recording, was then asked to re-organize the four sequences of stems without any length, structural restrictions or guidelines.

    The inherent possibilities were endless yet bound together by the inner logic of the game itself and by the spirits of the players. V is the exercise of telling an elaborate story about nothing, with the smallest number of words necessary. The story is one of the electricity and code which we inhabit - or which may inhabit us, and can be imagined through heart-pounding bass, skittering beats, head swirling melodies, and an ominous allure that feels at times like genuine hypnosis

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