Acid Dad - Levitation Sessions LP
Acid Dad - Levitation Sessions LP
Acid Dad - Levitation Sessions LP
Acid Dad - Levitation Sessions LP
Acid Dad - Levitation Sessions LP
Acid Dad - Levitation Sessions LP

Acid Dad - Levitation Sessions LP


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    3-Color Swirl Yellow/Magenta/Black Vinyl - $23.98
    "Indie Store" Clear Blue with Heavy Yellow Splatter - Sold Out

    Neon Green and Sea Blue Swirl Vinyl - Sold Out

    Official Vinyl Pressing taken from the band's LEVITATION Session!

    Pressed at Precision Record Pressing.


    Editing & VFX by Webb Hunt
    Camera Operators Ben Klein and Webb Hunt
    Mixed by Vaughn Hunt
    Mastered by Zoltån Sindhu

    Vinyl Tracklist:
    1. Contact
    2. BBQ
    3. Die Hard
    4. Dissin'
    5. Living With A Creature
    6. Bada Bing

    7. RC Driver
    8. Don't Get Taken
    9. Mistress
    10. Mr. Major
    11. Djembe

    Streaming on all digital platforms HERE and Bandcamp below:

    On the heels of announcing their upcoming LP Take It From The Dead, New York's Acid Dad transports us to another realm via their green screen studio and the visuals of Webb Hunt. The setlist features some fresh takes on Acid Dad classics + the live debut of new tracks from their upcoming album.

    “This was our first attempt at shooting and performing in front of our blue screen rig we made in our studio in Queens. We’ve always talked about doing a blue screen shoot where we could be totally encompassed by CGI FX, but wasn't until quarantine and not having the option to play shows to finally execute the idea. It’s hard to tell, but it was about 110 degrees in there with all the lights going so there is that authentic show time sweat.”

    “Our visual artist, Webb Hunt, did an amazing job doing all the FX and different CGI looks for the session. It took weeks to edit and create, but it was totally worth creating this swimming pool of feedback and colors. We wanted to make a session that no one else was doing look wise. Something familiar but different and extremely psychedelic.”

    “We reworked a bunch of our older songs with newer tempos and parts to create unique compositions for LEVITATION as well as debuting some newer songs from our upcoming album. It feels strange being off a stage for so long but it’s really exciting being able to attempt to recreate that experience in a multimedia virtual space.” -ACID DAD