Al Lover’s favorite tracks of 2013

Al Lover’s favorite tracks of 2013

by web developer on December 31, 2013
Al Lover’s favorite tracks of 2013

Al Lover’s collaboration with White Fence, “Snake Hands” off a sold out 7″ on PNK SLM (go check out their other releases, great stuff), was one of our favorite tracks of 2013:

If you’re not familiar with Al’s work, check out the mixtapes he’s created for us here, and dig into more of his production work, remixes and original music on Soundcloud.

Al sent some of his favorites for 2013, dig in:

Cosmic Dead

I had never heard these dudes till I played a show with them in a cultural center in Carataxo, Portugal about a month ago. I put one in the air before they played and my mind melted out through my nose. SO HEAVY!!!! Afterwords, I rode with ’em to the next gig in the van we nerded out about synths and sang along to Hanson like teenage girls. Good dudes.

Electric Eye

These guys hollered at me online about a remix and I had a great time reworking their music and was really pumped on how it turned out. Later, I ended up playing a couple shows with them in Norway and discovered Bergen, Norway, now one of my favorite places on earth.

Ras G

I had heard of Ras G foe a minute but never really took the time to check him out. Recently a buddy of mine invited me to go to a Boiler Room session in SF with Madlib and Dam Funk. Ras G was on the bill as well, which I didn’t even know about. After seeing him play his live set there was no need to stay and watch anything else that night. He’s on some Sun Ra shit, space bass. Amazing.


My first time I was in Portugal I met the guys from his label Lover and Lollipops and they sent me a link to his record and I was floored. Blown out house beats with Balkan grooves made with a $5 Casio keyboard and 2 pedals. When I was back this last month we actually played a show together and I got a say it was one of the best live shows I’ve seen this year.

Burnt Ones

Burnt Ones are the sexiest band out. Period.


Modular synth, psych funk. This dude and Adrien Younge are the main influences on the direction I want to take my music, Vintage world, soundtrack and library record vibes with heavy drums. So good.

Vampire Slayer

I met dude at Festival Nrmal in Monterrey, Mexico. He played after me at this house party that was part of the fest in a mansion high on the mountains overlooking the city. I was blown away by the set. It was like some low end theory type stuff without drums and extra overdrive. Really inspired me to start messing more with soundscapes and experimenting with my beats more.

Gap Dream

I remember watching this video randomly because it was associated with Burger records and instantly loving these guys. Such hilarious, awesome, smooth vibes. I really like the weirder more synth, Jean Michel Jarre sounding jams too.

The Oscillation

A DJ I really respect in the SF scene, Toph One put me on to these dudes a while back. We were djing a night together and he busted out their first record and I was blown away. I had the pleasure of playing with them in Geneva last tour and they blew me away. The drummer alone is incredible, I just kinda stood backstage and watched her technique for the whole set. So amazing.


Fuck these dudes, they get all the chicks. No, these guys are the best! They went into a cover of Mary Anne once at a Burger Records SXSW showcase a couple years back and I almost spilled my beer on the person next to me it was so good.

Creeping Pink

I met Landon at a show where he was playing with Burnt Ones. He told me about this project so I checked it out and was instantly hooked. He’s such an eclectic dude. He recently redid the whole sound track to the Kenneth Anger film Lucifer Rising. Need I say more?

Emma Acs

When I played in Copenhagen last tour, I saw this girl at the venue and she had such an intriguing, interesting look, total knockout. I was hoping I would get a chance to talk to her and it ended up she was djing the night as well and she murdered it. I was kind of intimidated to go on after her she was so good, haha! We ended up talking for a while and she introduced me to so much awesome music then gave me her record. Emma, I love you and your record is amazing.

Cool Ghouls

These guys are bringing back the Byrds, CSN&Y, Crazyhorse vibes and I love them for that. They are in the process of a full San Francisco take over, not to mention they are the most genuine, sweetest guys ever. #hornsection


This band makes me want to start smoking and also tour Europe forever.

Rancho Shampoo

I played my first show in TJ this last spring and this guy Rancho Shampoo murdered it. Loops, flute, traditional Native American regalia and dance. He also plays with a full band, but even as a one man act it was incredible. The theatrics of the show were amazing, then I rocked the cd he gave me and was sold. Spirit mediation kraut jams with a little saxophone in the mix.

The Blank Tapes

Last SXSW I ended up djing a couple showcases that this band played and the vibes were so good it was ridiculous. They had a dude with ’em playing tambourine that looked like he just fell out of a VW van, shook the sand out of his hair and stumbled onstage because the party never stops. I love this band.


PNK SLM for life. Swedish, South American transplants heating up Scandinavia with latin percussion and fuzzed out space rock vibes.

Nest Egg

This is my buddy Jamie’s band from my hometown Asheville, NC. He’s the dude who introduced me to Spacemen 3. If that’s not enough of a reason to check these guys out I don’t know what is.

Daughters of the Sun

I was just introduced this band while tripping on acid in the mountains outside of Barcelona with the promoter of my show and his wife. Weird, yet awesome vibes. The music really complemented the acid, imagine that.

Black Mekon

These dudes would make Andre Williams, Mick Collins, Greg Cartwright and Jon Spencer proud. Again, PNK SLM for life

Night Beats

I wouldn’t be near to where I am in music without these guy’s support. I had the pleasure of touring with them recently and it was a total blast. True road dog professionals. I love these dudes unconditionally. Thanks buds! #bodiddley

White Fence

Tim is the man. Every time we see each other we end up nerding out about rap music, which I always enjoy. He’s a stand up dude and I’m so pumped to have collaborated on a song with such a talented cat. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say White Fence is the best live band in the US, now that Thee Oh Sees are on hiatus. Just sayin’.

Morgan Delt

If the Rza produced a psych record in 1995 this is what it would sound like. That’s all I have to say. Morgan Delt is the Future.

Dagha Bloom

Met my buddy Manny in 2012 playing the Desert Daze festival in So Cal on the way to psych fest. He was doing sound and we instantly hit it off. I had never heard his band till later that night and it ended up being one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my life. The Orange County Scene wouldn’t be anything without these dudes. Total Space Rock to infinity.

The Spyrals

Again, like Cool Ghouls these guys are bringing back those old California Country, R&B Rock N Roll, Psych vibes I love. These bands are gonna own SF by the end of 2014. #harmonica


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