by web developer on May 22, 2019

In this week’s edition of Elevated Transmissions Al Lover highlights the LEVITATION FRANCE 2019 lineup + some other choice cuts. Full stream + Al’s track by track:




L’Epee – Last Picture Show

Straight to the gut is what Limiñanas and Anton do best. Imagine a sword placed right in your lower intestine as you bleed out and slip into a blissful rock n roll death spiral. 

Night Beats – Let Me Guess

You know how it is when you expect the same bullshit actions from someone who’s run you around a tree 700 hundred times already. You should also know when it’s reached a point that you gotta chop down that tree and build a new house with a big ass dead bolt lock on the front door. 

Mystic Braves – The Great Unknown (Mono Mix)

You gotta know where you’re going in life. Dionysian exploits can only get you so far before you start digging for meaning until you reach china and discover eastern philosophy like The Beatles.  

Frankie and the Witch Fingers – Dark Sorcerer

I think there’s enough wizards and witches in this world. Fake ones at least, in Brooklyn and Echo Park. I’m not sure their spells are working though, because the real dark sorcerers sure are doing some real life damage and they don’t care about The Book of Thoth.

Iceage w/ Sky Ferreira – Pain Killer

I love a good horny arrangement. The Saints hold the crown but damn, this is a solid brass balls to the walls track.

The Saints – Memories Are Made of This

I know I just said these fellas were the horniest, but I guess when the thrill is gone you gotta pull out the old acoustic guitar and strum away the pain. 

Alan Vega – Bye Bye Bayou

Imagine if rockabilly futurism would have reached the height of popularity that psychobilly did. Nothing against The Cramps or anything but damn, just imagine it, the world would have never been exposed to a coffin shaped stand up bass!

Johnny Thunders w/ Patti Palladin- Crawfish (Bayou Mix)

Somebody slipped into black tar dream and was transported from The Bowery to NOLA and had a mint julep with the ghost of Elvis. 

Serge Gainsbourg – Daisy Temple Dub Style

And then somebody fell into a bottle of Bardot and thought they went to the Islands and made a record with Sly and Robbie. Oh wait, that actually happened.

Marianne Faithfull – Why’d Ya Do It

Why did ya do it, man?!?! You brought her into the house and then of all things, let her get stoned on the woman’s hash? You couldn’t cop on the way to a cheap motel like all the other logical scumbags out there. What the fuck is wrong with you, man? Also, maybe not cheat on someone who’s last name is Faithfull, it’s just too ironic to go well. 

Grace Jones – Warm Leatherette

I love Mrs. Jones’ covers of punk classics. She really had her finger on the pulse in the 70s and still does to this day. All hail the disco queen freak!

Nina Hagen – Ufo

Speaking of freaks. Did our girl Nina pick up a copy of Behold a Pale Horse and hold up in a bunker 8 months before recording this one? It sounds like she just opened the hatch and poked her head out wearing a tinfoil crown and reeking of cold baked beans

Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes – La Petite Fille Aux Fraises

This is another one that sounds like they went to the store and picked up that extra long roll of Reynolds wrap heavy duty in order for the reptilian overlords not to get a whiff of their brain waves. God bless the crazies.

Rosa Yemen – Larousse Baron Bic

This ones like The Velvets were even worse musicians then they really were and Nico was on speed instead of heroin. What a dream!

DJINN – Djinn & Djuice

I like Snoop Dogg just as much as anyone else who smoked their first joint in the 90s, but I’ll tell you what, that Snoop Lion phase really changed the trajectory of his career. I would have never expected this type of thing from the Long Beach Crip I once knew and cherished. 

Dashiell Hedayat – Long Song For Zelda

Ever want to be sad? Like real sad? Like “somebody stole my last piece of pizza” sad? Well if so, then put this one on in a dark room and imagine how glorious that cold slice would have been if it wasn’t for your dumb ass roommate who never pitches in on groceries but always seems to eat every goddamn thing in the fridge. Now that’s true sadness.

Fat White Family – I Believe In Something Better

Fat whites are getting a lot of play over here on these ET playlists. And it’s only because they insist on using drum machines on all of their songs. I don’t care what kind of fascistic tendencies they have. They like rhythm machines, so they’re ok in my book… for now.

Le Villejuif Underground – Haunted Chateau

This song make me want to hang out at Justine’s with all the art freaks who like Steak Tartar. I miss that place. 

Metal Boys – Sweet Marylin

I think the french did punk best. Maybe it’s all that rude, crude, bad attitude, as Christian Bland would say. But something about it just does it for me.  

Ruth – Polaroid roman photo

They also do synth punk the best. 

black midi – Talking Heads

I don’t know what these kids are up to, but it’s like they combined The Police and The Fall into one manic romp. I’m confused but not upset. That drummer though, Jesus Christ.

The Psychotic Monks – Minor Division 

The 90s are back baby! Thank god, because I’ve been listening to Experimental Jet Set Trash and No Star in private for too long. It’s time to share my love with the world!

TVAM – Narcissus

This shit right here is right up my alley. Crushed and mushed to perfection. I have nothing else to say about it. 

New Candys – Silver Eyes Arise

Remember when they would come out with new candies when you were a kid. Strawberry lemonade Nerds? Or Remember when the Take 5 candy bar came out?!?! That shit was fire. I’m sure at this point child diagnosed diabetes is through the roof with all the sugary innovation that they got poppin’ off at this point. 

The Warlocks – House of Glass

Don’t smoke rocks in a house of glass, y’all. The neighbors will undoubtably snitch. But then again, maybe don’t smoke rocks at all. Bad life choice.  


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