by web developer on May 29, 2019

Dig into the latest episode of Al Lover’s ELEVATED TRANSMISSIONS, exploring the psychedelic underground of the past, present and future.

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Yusef Lateef – Destination Paradise

Not this, but another Yusef Lateef record was one of the first I bought when I started down the lonely road to collector status. What a long, strange trip it’s been, filled will wonder beyond the wildest imagination. Or rather filled with back pain and storage fees. What a dream! 

Pharaoh Sanders – Japan

Do you remember the first person you met after getting involved in the world of psychedelic exploration that wants to talk your ear off about Egypt and how they used telepathy to move the stones to construct the pyramids? I remember him too, we’ll call him Fred and he now works as a sales clerk at Bed Bath and Beyond according to his Facebook profile.

Alice Coltrane – A Love Supreme

What is it with me that I feel the need to subject myself to harsh and unapologetic, experimental music? Why can’t I just like formulaic pop music disguised as subversion like the rest of the Coachella going herd?

Don Cherry – Brown Rice

I remember a good hippie friend of mine introduced me to the concept of brown rice. It was difficult to compute in those days. How often is that the case now? They basically have brown rice at McDonald’s these days. The world has been turned on it’s head and the hippies are wandering aimlessly with no one to introduce the glory of this magical superfood to. Times have changed.

Mandingo Griot Society & Don Cherry – Sounds from the Bush

A double dose of Don on this one. I honestly never heard of this dude till I made this playlist. Isn’t it funny, the idea that if you know something about music you’re expected to know everything about music by others who know about music? I don’t know shit about shit. I’m here to learn!

African Head Charge – Hole In The Roof

There’s nothing worse then a leaky roof. Buckets everywhere. Structural integrity threatened. Puddles. Umbrellas indoors, and you know that’s bad luck. Call the land lord already, ya bum. 

Flying Lotus – Pygmy

Flylo has been on his jazz fusion journey lately, which I totally respect and support but it’s nice to hear a mellow throwback kind of jam like this one.

Brother Ah – Spirit World

I feel like this track is the soundtrack to a man walking a round a room after a lobotomy. 

Biting Tongues – Meat Mask Separatist

I don’t know about this squeaky into on this one but what a groove and horns on this one, it’s like proto- Budos Band or something. 

Harmonia & Brian Eno – Atmosphere

Ahhh, the documented account of Eno artfully stealing what the Germans worked so hard to engineer, Atmosphere, and repurposing it as Ambience.

Dallas Acid – White Wine

I’ve been on a heavy Vihno Verde kick lately. Can’t get enough of the stuff. Malolactic Fermentation? Come on son, you can’t fuck with that! Damn, just thinking about it is making my mouth water. Pour up.

Scott Gilmore – E70 No. 01

This one make me want to explore a cavern of crystals with a small mythical creature who has an easier time getting around the crystals and pops it’s head out every once in a while with a witty quip about how I’m a clumsy human, but what we’re searching for is close by. 

Pete Bassman – Music For Modern Living

While two Spacemen may still have beef and will never have a reunion tour, the 3rd Spaceman just bought a condo and is doing fine. Who do you think pressed up those bootlegs? Obviously kidding and you know that Spacemen 3 reunion will happen – we’re holding on to the dream here.

Tangerine Dream – Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme)

Never betray a sorcerer. If you didn’t know already, this song should let you know why it’s probably a bad idea. It sounds like your trying to run away from your own mind because the sorcerer put a spell on you because you slept with his girlfriend. 

Tim Hecker – Is but a simulated blur

Deconstruction is so hot right now. What is a song really? Have you even ever asked that question? Does it have to have melody and structure? Does it have to go anywhere? Is resolve important? What are chords really? These are all questions you should ask yourself when you find it too hard to learn guitar. 

O$VMV$M – Return

Bump this one on the way to your appointment with a dominatrix. But don’t be late, or maybe do if you want that extra dose of punishment upon arrival. 

Adrian Younge – Systems

I’ve been tripping on systems lately. Meta systems. I need to learn game theory. I need to go back to college or rather, I need watch a few youtube videos at 4am when I’m stoned and I’ll sort it all out.

RSI-MSK – Rubicon

There’s a few folks out here doing the Spaghetti Western beats with heavy drum breaks and I’ll tell you what. It’s probably one of my favorite genres right now. I imagine cowboys settling disputes with a breakdance battle in the local saloon while the bartender spits in a glass to clean it. 

Fontan – Greven

This one makes me want to sail a Scandinavian peninsula in autumn with my hot nordic wife drinking mulled wine while wearing an expensive turtleneck. 

Cocteau Twins – Blood Bitch

Cocteau Twins is another band I have slept on for too long. It’s time I woke up to the fact that they rule. You can only go so long denying what you truly love, you know? 

The Durutti Column – Madeleine

What a whimsical little fart of a song. I love it.

Primal Scream – Shine Like Stars

I imagine crowds of brits in parachute pants on MDMA swaying back and forth to this one as Bobby gently rocks them to sleep with a sweet psychedelic lullaby in 1991. 

The Jesus and Mary Chain – She

I love this Dinosaur Jr. track. Probably one of their best!

Spectrum & Captain Memphis – Confederate Dead

What’s up with the Civil War reenactment types? I’m all for nerding out about history and war and all that but goddamn, that shit is hilarious. That’s how you know we got it so good this day and age, we’re so comfortable that we reenact war as a hobby. 

John Cale – In A Flood

I feel like John Cale is my wise, cool grandfather. He always has good advice for me and is there to bail me out of trouble but won’t tell my parents. He’ll just give me that look that says “You done fucked up, boy. I won’t sell you out, but you better learn from your damn mistake and keep it on the straight and narrow.”


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