OSEES new live track + John Dwyer NFT release

We are thrilled to announce our first foray into the strange and emerging world of NFTs with one of the most prolific artists walking the Earth : John Dwyer of OSEES.


Dwyer, the mastermind behind the ever-expanding psychedelic punk monster that is OSEES, has put two NFTs up for auction celebrating the band's upcoming Levitation Sessions II stream & live album. The 24 hour auction is scheduled to begin at 1pm PT on Saturday, April 3rd via LEVITATION's Foundation page here:




This artwork utilizes the Droste effect to bring John Dwyer’s original painting “Vol 4” to life in a hypnotic loop, soundtracked by a sinister live cut of “Stinking Cloud”, heard here for the first time in a live setting:

Also up for auction is a 2nd NFT, based on another original John Dwyer painting “The Text”, this time with a mind-melting lenticular effect. The original artwork was released in conjunction with OSEES Live From Big Sur show, and the NFT is soundtracked by a snippet of “Opposition” from that show. 

The 24 hour auction for both NFTs is scheduled to start at 1pm PT on Saturday, April 3rd via LEVITATION's Foundation page here:

Throughout the pandemic, John and the band have kept themselves busy with a litany of releases, and John Dwyer releasing prints and merchandise developed from his full size acrylic and mixed medium paintings created during quarantine.

Both artworks are available via LEVITATION on Foundation at the link above.

OSEES are donating their proceeds from their Levitation Sessions II show and live album to 5 Los Angeles charities combating homelessness and food insecurity: Elizabeth House, East LA Women’s Center, St Francis Center, Downtown Women’s Center and the Hollywood Food Coalition.

OSEES' LEVITATION SESSIONS II stream premieres Saturday, April 10th. Full details on the stream and live album can be found here: