Death By Audio Speed Tripper Feedback Phasing Delay Pedal
Death By Audio Speed Tripper Feedback Phasing Delay Pedal
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Death By Audio Speed Tripper Feedback Phasing Delay Pedal


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    Limited to a one-time run of 666 units. Built by hand in Queens, NYC.

    Available exclusively via LEVITATION website. 

    Looking for a new sound? One that takes you on a journey back to the future of yesterday's tomorrow? Well, hop on in because we’re taking you for a fantastic voyage through psychedelic neverland. Churning buildups and swelling repeats set your riffs on a rollercoaster ride to the sun. 

    May we present Speed Tripper, the second pedal collaboration from Death By Audio and LEVITATION. 

    Speed Tripper is an optical phaser placed in the feedback path of a delay circuit -and to our surprise- the results are incredibly unique. The repeats bend in and out of phase with one another, giving filtered, morphing swells that sound beyond psychedelic. It seems like such a simple concept; we were surprised we had never heard this before. The actual sounds of tripping! Slap on the DBA touch where “everything must be done to the extreme” and there you have it, you are tripping on speed!





    Delay Time

    Controls the length of the delay, from ~30ms to ~1100ms. Longer times will degrade the quality of the repeats, introducing noise, artifacts, and other hellish accompaniment. 


    Controls the amount of feedback from the delay output back to its input. HIGHLY interactive with the intensity control.

    Tripper Speed

    The speed of the LFO, controls phase shifting - down for oceanic movement and up for spiraling chirps and warbles. 


    The amount of delay being sent through the phase network. Turn the knob left for an unphased signal, and right for full phase. The phased and unphased delay paths feedback differently. Changes to the intensity setting can affect the oscillation point of the pedal. 

    (INTERNAL) Blend

    Sets the volume of the delayed signal relative to the clean signal. All the way up makes the delay even louder than your dry signal.




    4.88” x 3.68” x 2.15” (including hardware)
    9.5 oz.
    The Speed Tripper takes a standard 2.1mm, 9v, center-negative DC power supply, and consumes roughly 50mA.