King Gizzard -  Demos Vol. 5 + Vol. 6   PRE-ORDER

King Gizzard - Demos Vol. 5 + Vol. 6 PRE-ORDER


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    LEVITATION Exclusive Vinyl Pressing

    Venusian Swirl and Splatter - Limited to 500

    - Limited to 500 Swirl + Splatter Gatefold 2x12" LPs
    - Custom Numbered 1st Pressing Gatefold Jacket
    - Each 12" in a poly-lined inner-sleeve
    - A unique hypnotic op art inner label for each 12"

    LP 1 - Neon Green Vinyl with Cobalt Blue Swirl & Splatter
    LP 2 - Lemonade Yellow with Tangerine Swirl & Splatter


    Recorded between 2010 - 2022 by King Gizz

    Mastered by Joseph Carra
    Cover design by Jason Galea




    **Tracklisting has been optimized to best fit two 12 LP's 

    Side A
    Music to Think Existentially To
    Lunch Meat (Demo)
    Venusian 2 (Demo)
    Pleura (Demo 1)
    Honey (Demo 2)

    Side B
    Ugly Guitars
    Vomit Coffin (Demo)
    The Hungry Wolf of Fate (Demo 2)
    O.N.E. (Demo)
    The Dripping Tap (Demo 3)

    Side C
    Music to Burn Money To
    You Can Be Your Silhouette (Demo)
    Not Enough Time...Land
    Invisible Face (Demo)
    Blue Horse

    Side D
    Digital Black (Demo)
    Lukey's Brain
    Self-Immolate (Demo)
    Pleura (Demo 2)
    Sweet Talking
    All is Known (Demo 2)
    The Dripping Tap (Demo 4)

        Please note:

        Due to the nature of making a vinyl record, each record is one of a kind. The vinyl you receive may look different from our photo. Colored vinyl is more prone to surface noise and imperfections.

        All pre-order sales are final


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