King Gizzard - Live at Red Rocks (12xLP Box Set)

King Gizzard - Live at Red Rocks (12xLP Box Set)


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    LEVITATION Exclusive Vinyl Pressing 

    The final mockups will be updated by Feb 1

    - Limited to 1000 Splatter Vinyl Box Sets featuring 86 Tracks over TWELVE 12" LP's!
    - Custom Numbered Collectors Box w. shrink-wrap + hype sticker 
    - Each 12" in a custom photo board inner-sleeve
    - A unique hypnotic op art inner label for each 12"
    - Bonus "Mega" Double-Sided Poster 

    LP 1 - Clear Glass w/ Heavy Splatter
    LP 2 - Clear Tan w/ Heavy Splatter
    LP 3 - Highlighter Yellow w/ Heavy Splatter
    LP 4 - Orange Crush w/ Heavy Splatter
    LP 5 - Clear Red w/ Heavy Splatter
    LP 6 - Clear Purple w/ Heavy Splatter
    LP 7 - Clear Cobalt Blue w/ Heavy Splatter
    LP 8 - Clear Sea Blue w/ Heavy Splatter

    LP 9 - Light Blue w/ Heavy Splatter
    LP 10 - Coke Bottle Clear w/ Heavy Splatter
    LP 11 - Forest Green w/ Heavy Splatter
    LP 12 - Clear Emerald w/ Heavy Splatter


    ** The mockup here is a preliminary design - the final album package will feature Jason Galea's original artwork + mind melting op art and video feedback artwork in the spirit of the band's live visuals. Vinyl colors are accurate, splatter colors may change. Limited to 1000 Splatter Box Sets


    Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO, USA, Oct 10, Oct 11 and Nov 2 2022

    Recorded by: Sam Joseph, Nico Wilson, Gaspard Demulemeester and Gabe Nardin
    Mixed by Stu Mackenzie
    Cover design by Jason Galea
    Photography by Maclay Heriot

    Ambrose Kenny-Smith: Harmonica, Keys, Vocals, Saxophone, Percussion
    Cook Craig: Guitar, Keys, Vocals, Synthesiser
    Joey Walker: Guitar, Vocals, Synthesiser
    Lucas Harwood: Bass
    Michael Cavanagh: Drums
    Stu Mackenzie: Guitar, Vocals, Flute, Keys

    Leah Senior: Vocals track 21-23, 46-51, 84-85




    **Tracklisting has been optimized to best fit 12 LP's! Final edits have been made to best situate splits where possible.


    Side A
    1. Mars for the Rich
    2. Hell
    3. Magenta Mountain

    Side B
    1. Inner Cell
    2. Loyalty 
    3. Horology
    4. O.N.E.
    5. Nuclear Fusion
    6. All is Known

    Side C
    1. Straws in the Wind
    2. The Garden Goblin

    Side D
    1. The River

    Side E
    1. Magma
    2. Rattlesnake

    Side F
    1. Automation
    2. Honey
    3. Sleepdrifter
    4. Ataraxia

    Side G
    1. Evil Death Roll
    2. Ice V

    Side H
    1. The Reticent Raconteur
    2. The Lord of Lightning
    3. The Balrog
    4. Trapdoor
    5. Hot Water

    Side I
    1. The Grim Reaper
    2. Planet B
    3. The Dripping Tap

    Side J
    1. Gaia
    2. Predator X
    3. Organ Farmer
    4. Pleura

    Side K
    1. Oddlife 
    2. Doom City
    3. K.G.L.W.

    Side L
    1. Boogieman Sam
    2. Sleepwalker

    Side M
    1. Sea of Trees
    2. The Bitter Boogie
    3. Perihelion

    Side N
    1. I’m In Your Mind
    2. I’m Not In Your Mind
    3. Cellophane
    4. I’m In Your Mind Fuzz
    5. Tezeta

    Side O
    1. A New World
    2. Altered Beast I
    3. Alter Me I
    4. Altered Beast II
    5. Alter Me II
    6. Altered Beast III
    7. Ambergris
    8. Muddy Water

    Side P
    1. Iron Lung
    2. Robot Stop
    3. Gamma Knife

    Side Q 
    1. People-Vultures
    2. Mr. Beat
    3. Digital Black
    4. Han-Tyumi, The Confused Cyborg
    5. Soy Protein Munt Machine
    6. Vomit Coffin
    7. Murder of the Universe

    Side R
    1. Blame it on the Weather 
    2. Work This Time
    3. Lava

    Side S
    1. Cut Throat Boogie
    2. Wah Wah
    3. Road Train
    4. Sadie Sorceress
    5. Self-Immolate

    Side T
    1. Her and I (Slow Jam II)
    2. Hot Wax

    Side U
    1. Crumbling Castle 
    2. The Fourth Colour

    Side V
    1. Head On/Pill
    2. Am I in Heaven?

    Side W
    1. Venusian 1
    2. Venusian 2
    3. Billabong Valley
    4. Minimum Brain Size
    5. Static Electricity

    Side X
    1. Let Me Mend The Past
    2. Alter Me III
    3. Altered Beast IV
    4. Float Along - Fill Your Lungs

      Please note:

      Due to the nature of making a vinyl record, each record is one of a kind. The vinyl you receive may look different from our photo. Colored vinyl is more prone to surface noise and imperfections.

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