Levitation Reverb Pedal by EarthQuaker Devices
Levitation Reverb Pedal by EarthQuaker Devices
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Levitation Reverb Pedal by EarthQuaker Devices


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    New limited edition release of Earthquaker Devices’ LEVITATION reverb pedal, featuring art by David Medel, AKA Weird Beard 72. Limited to 100 pedals worldwide.

    The LEVITATION Reverb is a vintage voiced reverb that aims to fit somewhere between dirty sixties chambers, classic spring, and the big, ringing plate reverbs of days gone by.

    Four knobs and one switch control quite a bit more than you’d expect. Want a slap back small room sound? Set all of your controls to the minimum and use the mix to dial in the sound of room devoid of anything but a guitar and amp. Want to revel in infinite spatial oscillations? Flip the toggle to long, turn up the atmosphere and decay then tune out. Dial in a bright chiming slap back by turning the tone all the way counter clockwise and reducing the decay. For a rattling, full-bandwidth assault, dime everything and let ‘er rip.

    Each pedal is built entirely by hand in Akron, Ohio by EarthQuaker Devices. For LEVITATION pedal technical details and audio samples, and more about EQD’s devices, visit earthquakerdevices.com