Night Beats - Levitation Sessions
Night Beats - Levitation Sessions
Night Beats - Levitation Sessions
Night Beats - Levitation Sessions

Night Beats - Levitation Sessions


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    3-Color "Shadow Bomb" Tangerine/Spring Green/Bone Vinyl - 500 Copies
    Green / Brown Swirl - Limited to 300 - (Over-Run Available)
    Splatter Vinyl - Limited to 100 Copies (Over-Run Non-Signed

    Pressed at Precision Record Pressing

    The live album is being pressed up on a limited edition 12" vinyl.

    Also Available on:
    Indie Store Exclusive Colored Vinyl
    Fuzz Club Exclusive Colored Vinyl


    "For our Levitation Session we recorded on reel-to-reel 1/2 inch tape in the middle of the Mojave Desert in Antelope Valley. Due to my natural tendencies to explore the layers of my ancestry and being forever inspired by the beautiful sounds coming out of the Saharan desert, I wanted to challenge myself to produce a recording that doesn't filter but fully embraces a similar environment. A search for symbiosis between the music and the ground it’s made on. Thanks to a place I love and respect, a welcomed challenge, and some of my closest friends, what you are hearing is Night Beats in one of its truest and rarest forms. Thank you for listening and thank you to those who lived on and cherished this land before us" - Night Beats

    Filmed in Antelope Valley, California
    Directed and Edited by: Hamilton Boyce
    Camera Operators: Hamilton Boyce, Danny Hahn, Riley Bray, Anthony Ferrara
    Stylist Alex Leake
    Recorded by: Ian Doerr
    Mixed and mastered by: Chris Maciel, DLB, and Joey Oaxaca
    Label Artwork by Cmrtyz


    Stuck In the Morning
    Right / Wrong
    Sunday Morning
    Never Look Back
    New World

    New Day
    Cream Johnny
    No Cops
    That's All You Got