Tycho - Awake (10th Anniversary Edition)
Tycho - Awake (10th Anniversary Edition)
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Tycho - Awake (10th Anniversary Edition)


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    Indie Exclusive Pressing
    We have 25 copies on 10th Anniversary Blue & Beige Vinyl

    For nearly a decade, Tycho has been known as the musical alias
    of Scott Hansen, but with the release of Awake – his second LP
    for Ghostly International – the solo project evolved into a
    three-piece band. Relating closer to post-rock than ambient
    soundscapes, the record is situated in the present, sounding
    more like Hansen than drawing from his influences. This is, in
    many ways, the first true Tycho record.

    Following 2011’s Dive LP, the San Francisco-based designer
    toured extensively, and with a full band on stage, his sound
    coalesced into a percussive, organic whole. Zac Brown (guitars,
    bass) rejoined Scott on the road for this tour, but it was the
    particular addition of Rory O’Connor’s live drumming that
    ultimately sent Hansen back to the studio with a more precise
    vision. “After the tour, I decided that I wanted to capture the
    more energetic, driven sound of the live show on the next
    album,” Hansen recalls. Bringing musicians into Tycho’s creative
    process was a step towards expanding his own songwriting and
    advancing the project beyond its current sound.

    In a cabin near Tahoe last winter, Zac and Scott began fleshing
    out the structure of the new record, but it wasn’t until they set
    up shop in the hills of Santa Cruz with Rory that it all fell into
    place. “It crystallized the vision of how the drums would come to
    the forefront on this record,” says Hansen. The sound was much
    more stripped-down and concise with more organic
    instruments in the fold. Songs like “Montana” and “Awake” are a
    departure from Tycho’s previous material – unique to the group
    effort poured into the songs on the new record – while “See” and
    “Dye” echo ideas from previous works, bridging a middle ground
    between the old and new. Working with Count Eldridge, who
    also engineered Dive, the team could fixate on the pulses that
    Tycho might previously layer under synthesizers and exhume
    them with distinct bass and guitar patterns.

    Also known for his design work as ISO50, Hansen’s visual and
    sonic efforts have dovetailed throughout the course of his
    career. “This is the first time in my life I've dropped everything to
    focus on one artistic pursuit,” notes Hansen. Previous Tycho
    releases came to fruition when an amalgam of songs were
    nearing completion, but Awake is where music becomes the
    focus and true expression becomes the result.


    1. Awake
    2. Montana
    3. L
    4. Dye
    5. See
    6. Apogee
    7. Spectre
    8. Plains

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