13 FROM THE 13TH FLOOR | 1.23.23

13 FROM THE 13TH FLOOR | 1.23.23

by Rob Fitzpatrick on January 13, 2023
13 FROM THE 13TH FLOOR | 1.23.23

Jake Garcia of The Black Angels explores the sounds and history of the golden era of 1960s psych and rock & roll in 13 FROM THE 13TH FLOOR. Tune in below! This playlist is updated with 13 new tracks on the 13th of each month.



Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine
The opening track to one of the finest psychedelic albums of all time. A desert island disc for me. 

The Satans - Making Deals
Exciting 1966 garage punk inspired by The Rolling Stones  “Sympathy For the Devil. “
The unique Rythm sounds like a swinging pendulum. 

Sam Gopal - Grass
My favorite song from their album “Escalator” circa 1969. 

Los Dug Dugs - Brinca Brinca 
60’s Mexican Rock N’ Roll in it’s finest form. I had the pleasure of seeing them during Levitation and they were absolutely incredible! 

Lewis Reed - Merry Go Round
A young Lou Reed setting the ground work for VU. 

The Psychedelic Aliens - Gbomei Adesai
High energy Zamrock! The band name says it all. 

Los Zantos - Mira Mira 
Rare 60’s garage gold from Tijuana, Mexico. This is Mexican rock n’ roll !

Donovan - Get Thy Bearings 
A song showcasing the incredible songwriting of a master. 

The Outsiders - Filthy Rich
Dutch freak beat lords throwing some wild Rythm and fuzz circa 1967. I’ve had the pleasure of playing this on stage with founding member/guitarist Ronnie Splinter; a highlight of my musical experiences. Rest in power. 

Federal Duck - Peace in my Mind
The sound of psychedelia from Haverford, Pennsylvania circa 1968. 

Sensations Fix - Underwater
Italian electronic music that makes you feel submerged. The band had a healthy career throughout the 1970s with 7 albums . 

Haymarket Riot - Trip On Out
Incredible 60’s garage punk from Enid, Oklahoma with that raw fuzz sound that we all love. They sound hungover !

Demon Fuzz - Past, Present & Future
Psychedelic Soul from the UK. My favorite track from their only album Afreaka circa 1968. Although the album didn’t see much commercial success, this has been a popular record for Dj’s to sample. 

Thanks for listening. See you next time!
- Jake


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