13 FROM THE 13TH FLOOR | 4.13.23

13 FROM THE 13TH FLOOR | 4.13.23

by Rob Fitzpatrick on April 13, 2023
13 FROM THE 13TH FLOOR | 4.13.23

Jake Garcia of The Black Angels explores the sounds and history of the golden era of 1960s psych and rock & roll in 13 FROM THE 13TH FLOOR. Tune in below! This playlist is updated with 13 new tracks on the 13th of each month.



13th Floor Elevators - Reverberation
Dedicating this song to Austin Psych Fest happening in 2 weeks. See you there, we can’t wait!

The Golliwogs - Try Try Try
Pre-Creedence Clear Water Revival when they were raw garage.

The Reekers - Don't Call Me Flyface
A recent discovery of this track thanks to Keb Darge, probably my favorite dj.

Richard Twice - If I Knew You Were The One
Soft and wonderful vibes from the 1960’s, they don’t make them like this anymore.

Penny Arkade - Love Rain
Incredible fuzz and groove on this 60’s gem.

Àlgarna - Crowned King
Rare Swedish gold with a killer bass line.

The Mystic Tide - Psychedelic Journey Part 1
Wild Turkish vibes from a 60’s garage group.

Twentieth Century Zoo - You Don't
The psychedelic and untamable sounds of Twentieth Century Zoo.

The Clique - Remember
More 60’s garage sounds with Jangle and an uplifting climax.

Peter Thomas Sound Orchester - Damenwahl
The brilliance of Peter Thomas and super psychedelic sounds from the “Oh Happy Day “ soundtrack.

Pink Floyd - See Emily Play
The kings of psychedelia in the London region, also this month we celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Dark Side of The Moon.

July - You Missed It All
From one of my all time favorite albums , there’s nothing like it.

Kanaan - Seemingly Changeless Stars
Melting into earth and the sky with this wonderful journey of a track.


Thanks for listening. See you next time!
- Jake


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