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Dig into the latest episode of Al Lover’s ELEVATED TRANSMISSIONS, exploring the psychedelic underground of the past, present and future.

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John Cale – Mr. Wilson

An obvious nod of appreciation from one god to another. From John to Brian, with love. 

Cate le Bon & Bradford Cox – Secretary

Cate le Bon is a boss. I wonder if she has a secretary? I can’t get enough. I was lucky enough to meet Cate at the Marfa Myths where she and Bradford recorded this track. All class, that one. Sorry humble brag here. I met Cate le Bon the Boss!

Robert Wyatt – The Age Of Self

Ex-Soft Machine drummer, Robby Rob is dead on with this one. Consumer culture has shifted the way we act, live and breathe. Did Prophet Rob predict Amazon Prime with this one? It’s up for interpretation.

Harmonia – Watussi

The song that shifted my creative direction more than anything else I’d heard prior. Those damn Germans in the 70s really changed the game. The influence of these cats cannot be understated. 

Neu! – Hero

Rother is king. And a swell guy too. I was lucky enough to meet him once and he even gave Fuzz club the go to use the altered Neu! Logo for my Neuicide! Records. Swell chap, that Rother. Side note – I’m gonna assume Wire was bumping this a lot. Pure assumption on my part or is it? Check the next blurb to find out! 

Wire – Outdoor Minor

Wire wouldn’t exist without Nue! and you can hear it here. I also heard it from the lips of bassist Graham Lewis when he was talking my ear off about Rother after a festival in Norway once. Swell chap, that Lewis. 

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Best Batch Yet

A great example of how influential Ol’ Don was to the sound of punk to come. This record was released in 1980 and I wonder how much the punk he influenced, started to influence him. 

Royal Trux – White Stuff

Royal Trux is dead on with this one. One minute you’re being pushed through duty free in a shopping cart and the next you’re in rehab and your dreams of being Keith Richards are in the toilet next to the vomit. Drug free is the way to be, y’all. 

Sleaford Mods – Eton Alive

Sleaford Mods are the obvious lineage of The Fall in my opinion. More so than any post punk bands that rips the sound of Mark E and friends. That may seem hyperbolic but I’m fine with it. 

Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Which Way to Go

I remember seeing this band open for Thee Oh Sees and Ty Segall in a leather daddy, gay bar called The Eagle in SF circa 2010, maybe? One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Long live Eddy Current Suppression Ring!

The Chats – Smoko

Down the line from The Cosmic Psychos to Eddy Current to The Chats. These dudes are doing ozzy “fuck you, beer me”, pub punk correctly. I love it. 

Hash Redactor – Terri

Memphis’ Goner Records never disappoints and this jam is right on track with their distorted punk vision featuring folks from The Nots and ex-Ex-Cult.

Richard Rose – Fog Den

Speaking of Ex-Cult, singer Chris Shaw has teamed up with OBN III’s Orville Neeley to produce some of the best Riffage I’ve heard in a minute. The Ashtons would be proud. 

Prettiest Eyes – The Shame

One of the best LA bands right now. Hands down.

Numb.er – Without Bloom

Another one of the best LA bands right now. Both hands down twice! 

Juana Molina – Paraguaya Punk

A step away from Argentina based Juana’s usual experimental pop wanderings. Sometimes you just gotta let the inner punk kid out, ya know.

Nots – Built Environment

Another Memphis banger. As grimy as that town. I love it when a sound associated with a city makes you think of the town. So much of the Goner catalog does that for me.

Automatic – Suicide In Texas

Ain’t nothing wrong with a little Suicide rip. Ghost rider the motorcycle hero made his way to texas on this one.

Warm Drag – Hurricane Eyes

Punk ethos filtered through a hip hop production lens. One of my favorite bands out right now

Drahla – React/ Revolt

Get up and do something if you’re unsatisfied with the current social climate. Let your unrest flow through your art. I suggest an expansive free jazz sax jam in protest, it worked in late 60s!

– Al Lover


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