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Dig into the latest episode of Al Lover’s ELEVATED TRANSMISSIONS, exploring the psychedelic underground of the past, present and future.

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Warm Drag – Cave Crawl
LA based Warm Drag blend haunting vocals and Bomb Squad style production and sample techniques to make a soundtrack to the final scene of a Tarantino movie that doesn’t exist yet.

Michael Dracula – What Can I Do For You
Strange and dark post punk vibes mixed in with an eerie piano keep this song grooving along.

Sudakistan – Emma
Stockholm locals, Sudakistan bring forth what sounds like a helpless romantic’s last cry to a dying lover on this epic and beautiful track.

Mdou Moctar – Kamane Tarhanin
Keeping with the Saharan tradition, Mdou Moctar blends a hypnotic and infectious groove with stellar guitar work that builds to a stunning crescendo.

Slift – Something In The Mist
Weaving in and out heavy space rock and mellow ethereal harmonies. This track continues to build and keep you guessing.

Hooveriii – Destroya
What start with a light baroque intro leads to a fuzz soaked southern California psych freakout.

Amon Düül II – Halluzination Guillotine
Prog rock pioneers, Amon Düül, show us where it all started on this one.

Garcia Peoples – Hangin’ On
This blatant Dead worship worn on the sleeve is perfect in every way.

Pat Thomas – The Money Guys
Cool Ghoul’s Pat Thomas laments the current capitalist structure in what sounds like a bittersweet love song to San Francisco.

Viagra Boys – Beijing Taxi
The perfect song to wake up confused to after a long night at Hotel Vegas.

Ray Barbee – Pink Noise
Unusually a guitarist, skateboard legend, Ray Barbee brings synths into the mix for some serious 80s sic-fi action soundtrack action with love drums.

Neil Young – Mr. Soul
The classic Buffalo Springfield track reimagined on Young’s weirdo classic Trans.

Casino Music – Viol af dis
Sleazy 70’s post punk disco to make you move your butt.

CAN – Don’t Say No
A serious jam from the godfathers of krautrock

Roy Ayres Ubiquity – We Live In Brooklyn, Baby
A beautifully dark soulful funk classic penned long before the hipster invasion on Williamsburg.

Gary Burton – Las Vegas Tango
A groovy track to walk the streets of old town Las Vegas at 5am to.

Dave Harrington Group – Well
A quick blast of Futuristic jazz fusion at it’s finest.

Helena Deland – Claudion
A beautiful and perfect psychedelic pop number from Montreal native, Helena Deland.

Virginia Wing – Be Released
Off kilter loops and lush synths compliment the stark and direct vocals on this one.

Deerhunter – Plains
Bradford Cox and Co. are back with a fantastic pop jam co-produced by Cate la Bon.

Software – Frontiers of Chaos
German duo Software produced ethereal soundscapes inspired by science fiction in the 80s, paving the way for ambient techno and more recently, vaporwave.

Young Marble Giants – The Taxi
This mostly instrumental track from YMG shows a different side of these post punk minimalist pioneers.

Jessica Pratt – Aeroplane
A stunning song to waste the day away in bed with the one you love. This song couldn’t be more perfect.

White Fence – Neighborhood Light
Tim Presley is back with another broken rock n roll classic reminiscent of Street Hassle era Lou Reed.

Kevin Morby – Harlem River After Hours Dub (Peaking Lights Remix)
Peaking Lights at the controls on one of Kevin Morby’s best works.

– Al Lover


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