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Dig into the latest episode of Al Lover’s ELEVATED TRANSMISSIONS, exploring the psychedelic underground of the past, present and future.

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Pure, unadulterated, stripped down punk. No Frills, No fluff. Down your pint and hop in the pit.

Melenas – Ya No Me Importa

Another in your face, I don’t give a fuck ripper with a light touch of beautiful harmonies to balance out the fist in your nose.

Nots – Half Painted House

This track is as haunting and cold as the time I drove into Memphis in autumn to play a show and there was a city wide blackout because of a wind storm and the streets were as empty and still as an abandoned Soviet town.

Sudakistan – Quiero Ser Tu Perro

One of the best garage bands out right now in my opinion, hitting with a Spanish version of the Stooges classic. Do not miss these guys live. Vamos!

Viagra Boys – Shrimp Shack

What’s this jerk gonna do what with my mom? Fuck you man, my mom don’t surf. But hey, great track. 

CHAI – Great Job

I want to take acid in Tokyo and listen to CHAI exclusively and see what anime madness ensues. 

Empath – Soft Shape

Groovy but broken pop through a overexposed polaroid lens. 

Church of Sun – Blacklight Poster

These folks seem very pessimistic, but I guess in this day and age that’s just being practical? At least the organ drone the in song sounds like we might find some salvation.

Lake of Fire – Crater

Austin’s Lake of Fire deliver the beautiful and hypnotic grooves to accompany you through that part of the bad trip that seems like it won’t ever end. You could be stuck here forever, but no! Lake of fire has a flame retardant life jacket. 

Pinky Pinky – Fish Bones

This song make me want to join some sort of traveling circus where the owner is very convincing and charming but there’s a lurking sense of darkness behind the scenes. Something Fishy this way comes.  

Twen – Baptism (Live)

This song is like having a great dream, only to wake up into a what seems to be real life but it ends up to be another dream, than you wake up again into another dream and the process repeats for four minutes, which in dream time is like seventeen years.

Dehd – Dying For

Laments of the self absorbed, millennial artist. I can relate very much to this one.

Mute Swan – Enough Fun

Great, sludgy but dreamy and confused noise rock. It doesn’t make sense, but it does.

Deeper – Transmogrified

Cool neo new wavy vibes here. 

Russian Baths – Slenderman

Heavy, discordant guitars with a frantic beat. A bit like if True Widow ate all the adderall.

Thyla – Only Ever

Climb a crystal mountain top to this one and look over the land as the breeze blows through your faded blue hair. 

Trupa Trupa – Dream About

Cool hypnotic, circular bass lick with some great guitar tones. Interesting mix of of post punk and post rock sensibilities.

Single Lash – Visitations

Dystopian dreams directed by David Lynch.

Grivo – Render

Tortured shoe gaze plays in the background as a single tear falls on the patent leather boot of your dominatrix.   

Helena Deland – Take It All

I really love this track. A hypnotic, head nodding beat paired with minimal synths and Helena’s captivating vocals is the perfect combination to watch the sun rise to. Because you’re up early to have a productive day of course.  

Wand – Thin Air

I might have said this before but Wand is really shopping up to be one of the more interesting contemporary “psych” bands. Amazing song writing and I’m loving the fluttering piano vibes.

Valley Maker – A Couple Days

I love this track. It makes me want to move to Montana and build a log cabin and spend my time fishing and chopping wood. 

Jess Williamson – I See The White

I think I could sit around and talk about consciousness all day with this woman. She gets it. What an amazing and beautiful track exploring that ol’ existential shit that I love. 

Laura Carbone / The Pains of Being Pure of Heart – The Flowers Beneath Your Feet

Indie Americana is so good right now and this is a great example of that. But also, how about when that fuzz hits! Damn son!  

Ohtis – Rehab

Another cool stroll through the corn fields. Chew a piece of grass to this one and tip your hat to the ladies when they walk by. 

– Al Lover


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