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Dig into the latest episode of Al Lover’s ELEVATED TRANSMISSIONS, exploring the psychedelic underground of the past, present and future.

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The Cave Dwellers – You Know Why

Numero Group is always releasing the best unearthed gems. You’ll find that there might be a few of said gems gracing the presence of these playlists moving forward. How they have the time to dig up all this amazing music is beyond me, but they pull it off. This melancholy garage jam is a perfect example of what they do best. 

The Soundcarriers – Let it Ride

I love the genre from about 10 years back that incorporates all the best elements of music from the 60s and 70s. Psychedelic pop, soundtrack, krautrock and blends it up into one funky stew. The Soundcarriers are a perfect example of this type of band. What is the genre called though?

Twink – 10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box

There’s something about heavy psych riffs and muted, subtle vocals that does it for me. Maybe it’s the juxtaposition that ends up so eerily creepy as if there’s an eternal watcher spying on you during your worst bad trip. 

MC5 – Miss X

MC5 is best known for kicking out the jams, ya MF. But did you know they were also tender, gentle and emotional beings as well? 

Freddie King  – Palace Of The King

This track is dedicated to Danny Lee. 

Free Kitten – Never Gonna Sleep

Kim Gordan is the GOAT, obviously with the whole Sonic Youth thing, but her group Free Kitten with Pussy Galore’s Julia Cafritz is so amazing. Heavy, don’t give a fuck, genre bending, feminist madness. I love it.

Clinic – Rubber Bullets

The newest from Liverpool freak doctors, Clinic is like being nudged into a carnival mirror house with no exit sign and a floating jack in the box head is looming over you telling you the wrong way to go.

Alex Chilton – Like Flies on Sherbet

The best ever ugly on purpose from one of the greatest songwriters of our time. 

The Feelies – Fa Ce La

A rougher around the edges and more frantic version then the one on Crazy Rhythms. Originally released on Ork Records but brought to us on fine streaming platforms via (once again) the Numero Group.

Ryley Walker – Diggin’ a Ditch

A heavier, collage rock jam departure from the more jazzy ballads I’m used to from this cat. Digging it.

Billy Changer – Black Angel

A great velvety and perpetual groove from former Corners Bassist. 

The Strange Boys  – Doueh

I didn’t understand this record at first just because “And Girls Club” is one of the best rock n roll records ever and “Live Music” was an obvious evolution that was a little off putting. I love it when records I don’t understand at first click after a bit. Rest in peace Greg Enlow.

Doug Tuttle – Twilight

The newest mellow porch jam from ex-MMOSS singer. Spark one up and watch the stars to this one. 

Jennifer Castle – Texas

A perfectly beautiful and groovy folk number from Toronto based Jennifer Castle aka Castle Music.

Cate le Bon – Daylight Matters

How does Cate le Bon keep getting better? So eclectic, from the strange to the ideal pop ballad. I love this track so much. 

The Monochrome Set – Alphaville

Cock sure, Post Punk, crooning under a cold moon.

Suburban Lawns – Janitor

Big ups to Billie Buck of Sailor Poon for putting me on to this weirdo shit. I’ll always think of her whenever I hear it. Go listen to Sailor Poon!

Omni – Sunset Preacher

One of the best current, angular post punk bands out. ATL represent!

Liquid Liquid – Scraper

No wave, funk punks, Liquid Liquid were so ahead of their time it’s ridiculous, The kids are just starting to catch up. Hopefully they can stay in the pocket like this. We’ll see.  

Selcuk Alagoz – Malabadi Koprusu

A gourgeous, fuzzy turkish delight. How did they do music so right in the 70s? 

Dur-Dur Band – Garsore Waa IIaah

Somali soul at it’s finest. It’s so crazy to think that this was recorded in the 80s. We’re so lucky we live in the current craze of repress culture. God bless the international crate digger. 

Vivien Goldman – Launderette 

I love the Dub influence of 70s and 80s British post punk. This track by journalist turned recording artist, Vivien Goldman is a perfect example of this irie fusion. Side note. She was Bob Marley’s first publicist for Island records.

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Bottomless Face

Another mellow, broken blissed out jam from the kings of weird. I just want to watch the ocean for hours on some brown acid to this one. 

Shlohmo – Headache of the Year 

A heavy, 90’s sludge riff driven beat from one of the kings of the current LA beat making scene. 

Black Mountain – Future Shade

Riffs, Riffs, Riffs! Late 70s / early 80s Heavy Metal Dreams on this one. Fluff your hair, pop your denim collar and put on your best pair of white Nike high tops to this one. 

– Al Lover


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