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Dig into the latest episode of Al Lover’s ELEVATED TRANSMISSIONS, exploring the psychedelic underground of the past, present and future.

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Allah-Las – Raspberry Jam

A new groovy instrumental number from the current garage crooner kings.

White Fence  – I Love You

Always whimsical and playful, Tim Presley brings a mix of Americana guitar tones and english folk confessional ballad songwriting.

Angel Olsen – Special

A slow burner that builds up to the great walls of psych and politely knocks on the door to enter and then kicks it.

John Cale – Sudden Death

Lou Reed is great but John Cale is the master. John is the unsung father of every hipster who loves discordant experimentation in rock. Do yourself a favor and pick up all his releases from the 70s.

Dinosaur Jr. – Mind Glow

90s Grunge tears are heavier then regular tears. No wonder the sidewalks in Seattle are so jacked.

Kurt Vile – Check Baby

Kurt bringin’ in the heavy synth groove on this one! Another addition to classic genre of songs about tour life. 

Calvin Love – Dreams Keep Callin’

70’s glam inspired steel mill rock worship that sounds like Lou Reed, Elton John and the boss were in the studio together with Eno behind the boards. Calvin Love is the truth!

A Place To Bury Strangers – Frustrated Operator (Slowdive Remix)

Motorik drums with spiraling tremolo fuzz and euphoric synths. What more could you ask for on this one.

The KVB – White Walls (TVAM Remix)

Blown out synths and drums, I literally thought this was a BMSR song until the vocals came in. TVAM really did a solid number on this one.

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Mockingbird Comes Calling For You

A deep cut from the Dandelion Gum era. This song sounds like electrified razor blades are floating through the air while you’re trying to have a picnic.

Bruce Haack – Little Things

One of the godfathers of synth experimentation who made weird songs for children that in retrospect are some of the most psychedelic stuff to come out of the 60s. 

Anja Garbarek – I Won’t Hurt You

A beautiful version of the hauntingly innocent TWCPAEB classic. Does this song make anyone else extremely uncomfortable and distrusting to the singer?

Hue Honey – Rosewood

You know an ambient song is about to be uplifting if it starts off with nature sounds. 

Chelsea Wolfe – Advice & Vices

A straight rocker off of Chelsea Wolfe’s fist album. The humble beginnings of the current americana goth overlord.

Kikagaku Moyo – White Moon

Again you know it’s about to rip if you get those nature sounds at the beginning. This time a sitar driven raft trip down a mellow purple river by moon light.

The Horrors – Still Life (Connan Moccasin Remix)

Listen as The Horrors get transformed into Connan Moccasin in real time. This song sounds like it’s trapped in a mirror.

Vinyl Williams – Florian Veridiction

Enter the world of psychedelic 4-D r&b.

Holy Wave – Dixie Cups

This song makes me want to eat a sugary snack in slow motion. 

Bedouine – When You’re Gone

Bedouine reminds me a bit of Nick Drake, which is great. Such an amazing voice and ear for song writing and production as well. 

Devendra Banhart – A Sight To Behold

This was one of my favorite songs when this record came out. Still stands up to this day. Reminds me a bit of Manson’s folk efforts. 

The Black Angels – The Boat Song

One of the best and underrated songs from The Angels. I guess since it’s acoustic it gets overlooked but god damn, what a beauty. 

The Black Canyon Gang – Lonesome City

Classic weirdo Americana dug up from the rubble and brought to you from the good folks at Numero Group.

F.J. McMahon – Black Night Woman

Mysterious dark folk from Southern California. I love how this album was recorded, especially the drums. So chunky. And the name of the record is hilariously amazing “Spirit of the Golden Juice”

Natural Child – That’s How I got to Memphis

A great lo-fi version of Tom T. Hall’s country classic from garage punk turned country rock pioneers. 

The Men – Sleepless

Bar rock lives on. Another pioneer of the popularity of country rock a few years ago that helped tipped the garage psych scene from electric kool aid test dead towards 70s wall of sound dead.

– Al Lover


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