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Dig into the latest episode of Al Lover’s ELEVATED TRANSMISSIONS, exploring the psychedelic underground of the past, present and future.

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John Cale – Guts

Why would anyone try to get with JC‘s wife? That is a cold maneuver, if you listen to any of Kale’s work from the mid 70s you’ll know that there is a strange darkness underneath those catchy classic rock riffs. I don’t know why you’d want to open that can of darkness and whoop ass on yourself like that.

Tom Verlaine – Coming Apart

I have yet to find a Tom Verlaine solo effort that isn’t amazing. It’s like he didn’t even need television. But nobody really needs television, especially with all the propaganda that is being pushed out to the masses. We got a read, start with Behold a pale Horse. Or not.

The Fall – Kurious Oranji

A cute little romp with Marc E. Smith & Co. with what seems to be the subject of British imperialism and they’re gallivanting across the globe to a nice back beat that reminds me a bit of PIL.

Mekons – Hard to Be Human Again

This track by classic art punks turned rednecks incorporates british pub rock with an Americana twist and a real wtf moment. All of which were staples in their careers as one of the longest running punk bands out.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Restless

Have you ever heard Tom Petty get so funky? Most to know Petty for the hits, but his early records have some serious album cut, moments of gold.

Felt – My Face Is on Fire

English indie pop band, Felt, got their name from getting a kick out of the way Tom Verlaine said the word “felt” in the television song “Venus”, which is a hilarious way to name a band. But thank God for Tommy boy’s weird vocal stylings because without it, this great addition to the British masters wouldn’t be the same.

The Gun Club – Bad America

Everyone praises The Fire of Love, and for good reason, but I rarely hear anyone talk about gun club’s other efforts. The Las Vegas Story shows a step away from the harsh punk vibes and towards a more focused alternative rock sound, which would influence many bands to come.

Lou Reed – Leave Me Alone

I Remember driving through the south of France, on tour, the first time I ever heard street hassle. maybe the surroundings were too beautiful for me to understand the depraved genius of this record, but I didn’t get it. It took a while to get back and really appreciate this record. I think it had something to do with realizing that spacemen 3 loves it. If it’s good enough for spacemen 3 then it’s good enough for me.

Knox – Alligator Man

I first heard this song done by Alex Chilton on his like flies on sherbet album. I knew it was a cover, but never heard the original rockabilly version by Jimmy C Newman. This version by Knox, of the vibrators, is an amazing take as well with a cameo by Chilton, who comes in with the guitar at the end. Full circle.

Wayne County & The Electric Chairs

Trans punk pioneer Wayne, now Jayne, County, along with her crew, The Electric Chairs, were one of the first wave of 70’s New York punks around CBGB and Max’s Kansas City. Best known for their campy, foul mouthed ballads, they also could rip it up with the freaked out, glam punk tracks like this. I love the electronic sounding clap on here.

These Immortal Souls – Black Milk

Dark Australian post punk, born out of the Birthday Party and Crime & the City Solution’s Rowland S. Howard twisted brain, then thrown to the fires of Americana worship.

White Fence – It will never be

One of my favorite White Fence songs, from the Family Perfume Vol. 1 album. Syd Barret and Mayo Thompson would be proud.

Jay Jayle – Soline

A haunting, yet inspiring cut of neo-folk-Americana-noir mixed in with krautrock’s experiments in repetition from Louisville based singer/guitarist Evan Patterson.

Nico – Das Lied von Einsanen Madchens

From Nico’s final album, Camera Obscura, where she makes use of synths to help to create the air of a dystopian ballet.

Angel Olsen – All Mirrors

Angel Olsen’s newest is more then a few steps away from the jangly, folk Americana of her past. She takes a deep dive into the future with orchestral synth madness on this one. I was flirting with fandom before this new one, but now I’m hooked!

Karen Marks – Cold Cafe

A dubby, new wave cut that I honestly thought was a current artist doing their best 80’s impression only to find out this young lady was ripping it up in Australia in ‘81. I don’t know if that means I’m jaded by bands being so derivative or if I just need to pay more attention. Either way this track is fire.

Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation – Whatever You Want

An uplifting cut to watch the sun come up to after a long night of talking about nothing with strangers and grinding your teeth. Something to take the edge off before you go try to lay in your bed and toss and turn for a couple hours thinking about how much more there is to life then the party.

Charlotte Gainsbourge – The Operation

I loved this record before I understood who Charlotte’s parents were. What a loser am I?!? I got the record cause Air played on it, and you can tell. Also listed in the making of this masterpiece was Jarvis and Radiohead producer, Nigel Goodrich. Who cares about Serge and Jane now?!?

Eiko Ishibashi – Iron Veil

Drag city is always ahead of the curve, of course. They signed this miracle of a musician in 2013. Ishibashi is a classically trained pianist, producer, singer/songwriter and session musician. Can she do it all? Yes she can! Can she also bring the funky heat of a stereolab-esque variety?  Hell to the yes!

Holger Czukay – Michi

Can’s Holger was always weird, but when he left the boys, especially Jaki, who for years kept in him in the pocket, we was propelled out of said pocket and into even deeper depths of Avant Garde pop experimentation.

Alogte Oho & His Sound of Joy – Mam Yinne Wa

Ghana’s top ranking Gospel singer, Alogte Oho is the truth! This track was written after he had just begun his music career and a serious accident forced him to stay in the hospital for a month. Oho was so thankful he survived he wrote this song. I for one am thankful he survived too.

Lee Moses – California Dreaming

Lee Moses is currently most well known for his earth shattering soul smash, Bad Girl, but his only full length release is full of amazing cuts like this version of the classic The Mama’s and the Papa’s Hit California dreaming.

Merry Clayton – Southern Man

A heavy and deep version of Neil Young’s political masterpiece. For some reason this on hits a little harder then the version sung by a Canadian folky.

Johnny Jenkins – I Walk On Gilded Splinters

An extra funky rendition of one of Dr. John’s best tracks ever. Less spooky but way more funky. How bout that breakbeat?!?

J.J. Cale – I Got The Same Old Blues

We started off with John, and we’re ending with J.J. Eat your Cale folks, it’s good for ya!

– Al Lover


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