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Dig into the latest episode of Al Lover’s ELEVATED TRANSMISSIONS, exploring the psychedelic underground of the past, present and future.

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Erkin Koray – Estarabim

Turkish psych rock god, Erkin Koray was apparently the first person to play rock n roll in Turkey in the 50s, doing early covers of Elvis and Fats Domino. But then came the 60s…

Devendra Banhart – Long Haired Child

One of my faves from Ol’ Devendra. Love the low mix on that fuzz guitar! 

Fairport Convention – Jack O’ Diamonds

An early banger from Fairport convention. You can hear whispers of where they would go combining traditional British folk music with 60’s rock.  

 Trader Horne – Sheena

Sheena sounds like a nice young lady. Except for her demands for my man to have to play the piano till his fingers are like bananas. That’s just excessive.  

Kathy Heideman – Fine Street Woman

A gritty ballad for all the ladies of the night.

Bob Dylan – New Pony

I love the background vocals on this funky one from old Robert Z. I forget how great he was in the 70s sometimes. 


A melancholy jam from off of the third and final record from the best known of the “Bosstown Sound” Bands.

Gene Clark & The Gosdin Brothers – Elevator Operator

Somebody was looking to get in on that Revolver hype on this one, I believe. Just a hunch.

Allah-Las – Polar Onion

The newest somber single from LA garage crooners, Allah-Las.

Stack Waddy – Mystic Eyes

A great, bratty version of the Them classic.

The Belles – Melvin

Another great and bratty version of another Them Classic. Melvin. Hilarious!

The Mods – You’ve Got Another Think Coming

One of my personal favorites off of the Back from The Grave compilations. I love the smart mouthed , know it all teenage angst vocals on this one.

The Groupies – Primitive

One of the best and nastiest of the songs that the Cramps taught us.

Kim Fowley – The Trip

If you couldn’t tell that Fowley was a creep after hearing this one, I don’t know what to tell ya. I myself would not want anything to do with this creep if I was tripping out. I love how he just names off acronyms to allude to LSD

Les 5 Gentlemen – L.S.D. 25 Ou Les Metamorphoses De Margaret Steinway 

I took acid in France once and all I could do was sit and dwell on how old the building were over there. It seemed like some deep revelation, but they were just old buildings and I was out of my mind. 

Strawberry Alarm Clock – Black Butter, Present

The perfect soundtrack to get coaxed into joining a cult to in 1968. 

Maston – Rain Dance

Dope library vibes on this one. I want to drive through the Italian countryside in the 70’s to this one.  

Here Lies Man – Iron Rattles

More dope soundtrack vibes from the current kings of Sabbath riffs and African Rhythms.

Velvett Fogg – Yellow Cave Woman

A hilarious and generic British psych classic. I love the reverse guitar on this one. 

Morgen – Welcome to the Void

Nothing like a dark and twisted nursery rhymes paired with heavy riffs to get you in the mood for deep existential terror. 

 Tractor – Make The Journey

They really do take you on a journey on this one. I love the reverb soaked drums that sound like a train pulling into the station. “All aboard! Next stop, Psychedelic freakout!”

Leaf Hound – Freelance Fiend

If their name didn’t give it away, I believe you could tell these fellas like a little jazz cabbage every now and again based off of that opening riff. Tough!

Jodo – I’m Still Trying

Another tough riff, straight out of the gate. I bet these dudes all had really sick motorbikes.

Dust – Suicide

“Electrocution, I thought would make me a star. I stood in the rain holding my electric guitar”. Amazing. What a way to go out. Maybe one of the most rock n roll lines ever. 

The Well – This Is How The World Ends

The newest from Austin’s best kept, Sabbath worshipping secret.

– Al Lover


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