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Dig into the latest episode of Al Lover’s ELEVATED TRANSMISSIONS, exploring the psychedelic underground of the past, present and future.

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Black Sabbath – Into the Void

You could say that Paranoid probably started it all, but I’d argue that it was “Masters of Reality” that did. Mainly “Sweetleaf” but still, “Into The Void” was right there with it at the forefront of what would become the holy grail for the heavy metal riff.

High On Fire – Razor Hoof

As heavy as it gets. Matt Pike and crew go deep on this classic cut from their sophomore release “Surrounded By Thieves”.

Acid King – Busse Woods

Another top contender for Heaviest of Heavies. The title track from thier debut album dedicated the place they, according to front lady Lori S. “hung out with their trunks open, cranking tunes and selling drugs. After the cops caught on this era ended”.

Boris – LOVE

One of the loudest shows I’ve ever seen. Boris’ ability to seamlessly flow from challenging discord to ambient beauty to punishing, distorted riffs will always hold a place in my heart.

Dead Meadow – Everything’s Goin On

Ride a motorcycle into the sunset to this one. Credits roll. 

Joesfus – I’m Gettin’ On

A ripper from Joesfus’ self titled 1970 release. I can just smell all the Houston dirt weed being blazed up during this recording session. 

Captain Foam – No Reason

Another heavy, fuzzed out classic from the incredible Brown Acid series brought to you by Easyrider and Permanent Records. 

Captain Beyond – Raging River Of Fear

One of the best classic rock bands that no one ever heard of, composed of a squad of ex-iron butterfly, deep purple and Johnny Winter cohorts. 

Orangutan – If You Leave

So many budweisers were consumed to this song, in Boston, in the 70s. This is muggy, summer backyard music. 

Danava – Shoot Straight With A Crooked Gun

Heavy riffs with some mild prog noodle bursts just to show you who’s boss. 

Hawkwind – Time We Left This World Today

The pioneers of space rock going deep as usual. A slow burn to let those two tabs of microdots settle in. 

Flower Travellin’ Band – Satori Part I

Originally a cover band of standard 60s rock tunes formed after founder, Yuya Uchida visited his bud, one John Lennon in London. Things escalated quickly into what we know today as the innovators of Japanese acid metal.

The HU – The Same

The current kings of Mongolia. Coming through like Genghis Khan and taking no prisoners combining traditional Mongolian folk music with contemporary heavy rock. 

Earth – An Unnatural Carousel

A slow burn, not unlike dipping a blunt in honey being lit with a burning $20 bill. 

Chelsea Wolfe – Little Grave

The title of this track is so normal but haunting at the same time. I love the subtle mix of fuzz and distortion that builds below the song. So eerie, but I guess that’s what Miss Chelsea does best.

Russian Circles – Ghost on High

The post rock quiet before the storm from Chicago heavyweights.

Causa Sui – Homage

Expansive and mind bending, groovy psych from Denmark.  

Elder – Im Morgengrauen

And deeper we go into our minds, just a little time for subtle reflection before we head back into the fray.

Mondo Drag – Initiation

“Do you even Prog, bro?!?! These bay area longhairs were executing on the level of Yes before it was even cool man!”

The Black Drumset – A Tortoiseshell Funnel

Blown out drums and heavy drones you say? Sign me up!

Pinkish Black – Petit Mal

Where beautiful prog metal meets 80s synth soundtrack madness. 

John Carpenter – Fallen

Classic Carpenter vibes from a compilation of previously unreleased, spooky gold. 

Tangerine Dream – Abyss

I love when TD go deep and dark. All I want to do is sit in a room with a modular wall and a cup of tea and see how weird things get. 

Al Lover – Flight Patterns (Deconstructed Drone)

One of the first tracks I laid down that put me on the road to my current, droned out, weird self. 

Aaron Diloway – Ghost

Heavy brooding loops of doom, perfect for an overcast, midwestern sunset

– Al Lover


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