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Dig into the latest episode of Al Lover’s ELEVATED TRANSMISSIONS, exploring the psychedelic underground of the past, present and future.

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Elephant Stone – Land of Dead

Heavy, dystopian Sci-Fi from Montreal’s best psychedelic export. 


Guerilla Toss – Plants

Dance your ass off in space to this one from New York’s most exciting psychedelic, art rockers. 


Jeffery Novak – Losing Charm

A great delve into the charmless reality of growing old. Existential punk angst at it’s best. 


Allah-Las – Prazer Em Te Conhecer

I’m really loving all the singles The Allah-Las are putting out. They seem to be getting out of their comfort zone and into new territory with confidence. Great job fellas! 


Alan Vega – Fireball

Anxiety ridden, rockabilly futurism at it’s best. No one did it like Alan. 


Bruce Springsteen – State Trooper

I read once that The Boss was a huge fan of Alan Vega and Suicide, you can hear it on this one for sure, especially at the end.


Babe Rainbow – Morning Song

A mellow and relaxing introduction to the best day you’ve ever had from the current heart throbs of Australia. You had me at the rhythm box.


The Bats – Miss These Things

It’s crazy how many great bands Flying Nun was putting out in the 80s. Must have been something in the fresh New Zealand Water. The Bats being one of the best to represent for Dunedin. 


A Certain Ratio – Railto

One of my favorite Factory bands. ACR always pushed the envelope with their funk driven, dubbed out, post punk experimentations. 


Prefab Sprouts – Don’t Sing

One of the most unique english pop bands of the 80s. Such interesting songwriting with tons of unexpected and delightful twists and turns. 


The Flaming Lips Ft. Mick Jones – Giant Baby

There’s something special when The Lips get melancholy on us. Wayne Coyne and crew are really able to pull at those heart-strings, reaching up from under all the weirdness. 


Tortoise – Yonder Blue

Another one that might make me cry. Maybe I’m just having an emotional day, or maybe music, when perfected, has that power to shift our focus to whatever emotion the artist is intending. I swear it’s the latter. I swear I’m not going to cry!


BLO – It’s Gonna Be A Good Day

Ok, we’re back. It’s a good day to be alive! One of the things that I love the most about a lot of Nigerian afrobeat, is that it’s so uplifting and positive. Let’s get back to the basics, y’all. Life is beautiful!


Cymande – Crawshay

I had no idea this band was from London. I would have sworn they were from Chicago or something. For years these fellas have provided a groovy soundtrack for me and I never even took the time to look into their origin. Shame on me. 


Kevin Ayers – Songs for Insane Times

Kevin is obviously from England. I love it when Brits wear they’re Englishness on their sleeve musically. It must have been such a trip to be taking acid in swinging London and observing the old blokes with meat pie and lager breath starting at you all curmudgeonly. 


Oh Sees – Fu Xi

Ok, so the Oh Sees are a Jazz Fusion band now. You mad? You shouldn’t be. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that this might be the best work they’ve produced thus far. What are you gonna do? Fight me about it on Reddit thread? Go ahead, I dare ya. 


The Mattson 2 – Darkness Surrender 

Why does reversed guitar get me every time? I can’t help myself. This song is such a tease though. I wish it was 15 minutes long. 


Garcia Peoples – Heart and Soul

Epic and expansive Americana from the holders of the tasteful, Grateful torch.  


Os Mutantes – Desculpe, Babe

One of my faves from the undisputed champions of Brazilian Tropicalia. 


Dallas Acid – Vacker (Edit)

Going deep into one’s own mind is very hot right now, and I’m glad. I don’t think a lot of folks want to do it because what you find isn’t always pretty. But I’m glad there’s folks like Dallas Acid to hold our hands while we dive deep into ourselves and find out who we really are.

– Al Lover


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