Elevated Transmissions Vol. 2

Elevated Transmissions Vol. 2

by web developer on July 25, 2013

Al Lover & The Reverberation Appreciation Society present the second volume of “Elevated Transmissions”, a mixtape series from San Francisco producer and sonic explorer Al Lover.


Night Beats – Outta Mind
The Black Angels – Twisted Light
Goat – Stone Goat
The Blank Tapes – Tamarind Seeds
Holy Wave – Cool de La
The Spyrals – Radiator
Royal Baths – Nightmare Voodoo
Singapore Sling – Blues in Black
Dead Skeletons – Yama
Jiboia – Uadjit
Cosmonauts – Slower
Indian Jewelry – How Long
Golden Animals – You Dont Hear Me Now
Moon Duo – Sparks
The Hidden Ratio – Yer Majesty
Bo Ningen – Chitei Ningen Mogura
Al Lover ft. White Fence – Snake Hands
The Vacant Lots – Let Me Out
Kikagako Moyo – Dawn
Electric Eye – Tangerine
Theo Verney – Moving Forever
X-Ray Eyeballs – Egyptian Magic



Rare Signed Vinyl - Levitation Sessions


Windhand - Levitation Sessions LP


Windhand Session - Tie Dye


The Soft Moon - Exister (Levitation Edition)


Black Angels - Wilderness of Mirrors (Levitation Edition)


Wet Satin - S/T (Levitation Edition)


People Taking Pictures – Allergic To Silence (Red Vinyl)


Levitation x Lily McNeil Hemp Record Tote