Fall Down the Rabbit Hole:
OSEES 10 Most Tripped Out Music Videos


When we talk about a dose of OSEES we’re not talking about your friend’s party psychedelics, we’re talkin’ government-grade MKUltra LSD that makes you scat in colors and hear through other dimensions.

From their constant reiterations of the band’s name to their untamed live performances, OSEES is more than just your average group of musicians putting on a show—they are psych punk wizards taking you to another realm. So, of course, that pure oozy essence comes through in their music videos. In fact, if you can’t handle seriously fucked up storylines and intense colorful strobe lights, well… Consider that your trigger warning. 

OSEES have been part of the Levitation/RVRB family for many years now - we've seen them live more times than we can count and they're one of our favorite bands to work with. We've had the pleasure of making some weird and wonderful art for limited edition tees, tie dyes, posters and vinyl with the band, and this year we got to release their 2012 show at Austin Psych Fest as part of our Live at Levitation series. If you ask us, there's never enough OSEES and we recently unleashed a Levitation Edition pressing of their brand new album Intercepted Message + five classic reissues on fried-out color vinyl to match the twisted and burnt tunes within. You can check all that out HERE.

You're here for the videos, right? Below we have the top 10 trippiest OSEES music videos that will catapult you into a fever dream. And they just get progressively stranger and stranger as they go…

#10. “Intercepted Message” from Intercepted Message (2023)

We’re starting off strong with the newest one from Osees. “Intercepted Message” is the title track to their upcoming album being released on August 16th. The recently released video for it isn’t trippy in your typical sense of bleeding walls and psychedelic colors—it’s trippy in a more disturbing way. In a, “Wait, is this real life?” kind of way. Frontman Dwyer comes in the form of a conservative news anchor singing the lyrics as if they were a historical moment in the making. If this music video doesn’t trip you out and make you stop to think “Is anything real anymore?” then we don’t know what will.



#9. “Drowned Beast” from Orc (2017) 

This animated video is another step into the trippy minds of OSEES, yet still just the entrance. It follows a crash-landed alien ship on a strange planet and shit gets transcendental.



#8. “Thumb Cutter” from Floating Coffin (2013)

Here, OSEES shifts focus from trippy visuals to fucked-up-storyline. It follows a man trying to get away with murder, but all kinds of unexpected wrenches keep getting thrown into his plans. It’s a mindfuckery you can’t look away from.



#7. “Funeral Solutions” from A Foul Form (2022)

This short but sweet song’s video takes us back to trippy visuals—but now we actually get to see the members of the band. It feels like you’re watching them play live in the underworld right as the DMT from your dying brain starts to have you peaking.


#6. “Gelatinous Cube” from A Weird Exits (2016)

Now, we’re back on another alien planet in some other dimension. This time the inhabitants are moshing miners. Or maybe treasure hunters? Whoever they are, what they discover might be more than what they bargained for.


#5. “Scramble Experiment” from Panther Rotate (2020)

Honestly, this one is the sweetest, weirdest, trippiest love story you’ll ever witness. Highly recommend watching it with your special psychedelic honey—maybe with a handful of shrooms.


#4. “A Foul Form” from A Foul Form (2022)

Everything about this video makes your skin crawl. It’s spooky in an undiscernible way and somehow makes you very aware of the blood rushing in and out of your arteries… We LOVE it.


#3.”Enrique El Cobrador” from Smote Reverser (2018)

Another classic freaky-deaky animation story that feels multi-dimensional and that we cannot get enough of—it’s grotesque and beautiful all at once. The chaotic trippy battle scene takes you further and further into a peculiar place you won’t want to leave.


#2. “Minotaur” from Floating Coffin (2013)

Some might disagree with us for putting this at #2, but the more times you watch it the weirder it gets. It’s an older deep-cut one, but it still holds up. It follows a lovestruck minotaur who kidnaps a woman and daydreams about the two of them being in love together. However, there are two knights out to rescue her and things aren’t looking too good for the minotaur…


#1. “Overthrown” from Smote Reverser (2018)

This one is so obviously #1, it literally starts off with a trigger warning. The fast and trippy claymation / animation video, by the late great Spaghetti Jesus, shows humans and monsters decaying, demons reigning, and so much more. It might give you nightmares, but it’s so worth it.



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