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Night Beats - Levitation Edition

Night Beats - Levitation Edition

by Rob Fitzpatrick on February 05, 2021
Night Beats - Levitation Edition

Today is a great day for psychedelic rock because we've just received details for the Night Beats new LP - Outlaw R&B, out May 7th on Fuzz Club Records.

"Take heed as each color coordinated minute of this record will induce temporary insanity. However, do enjoy the trip - just leave your coat and jacket at the door with Willie and position yourself near the bar, where Hayes runs the show."⁠
- Danny Lee Blackwell⁠

We've got a sick Levitation exclusive pressing now available in the shop.

The album arrives following the 2019 ‘Myth of A Man’ LP (produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and released by Heavenly Recordings) as well as last year’s ‘That’s All You Got’ 7”. Made during the height of the California wildfires (where Blackwell currently resides), rioting in the streets and a nation in lockdown, the raucous technicolour rock’n’roll of ‘Outlaw R&B’ is a call to rejoice in some sorely needed post-apocalyptic hedonism.

Blackwell says of the album: “Outlaw R&B is music for the borderless, the free, the outcasts and the forgotten. The outlaw is the runner. Those whose minds aren't sold by perfect pitch and clean fingernails. Through this medium you can escape the confines of mental feudalism and bask in the euphoric glow of psychedelic R&B.” Where the last Night Beats LP was a distinctly polished and soulful affair, ‘Outlaw R&B’ sees the band return to their natural habitat: riotous, acid-fried rock’n’roll to lose your head to.


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