13 From The 13th Floor | 2.13.21

13 From The 13th Floor | 2.13.21

by LEVITATION on February 13, 2021
13 From The 13th Floor | 2.13.21

Jake Garcia of The Black Angels explores the sounds and history of the golden era of 1960s psych and rock & roll in 13 FROM THE 13TH FLOOR!

Dorothy Ashby - The Moving Finger
Legendary harpist Dorothy Ashby slays the Koto with a stellar groove. This is head music. Time and space are suspended and new dimensions open up for anyone willing to take this killer little set on and let it spill its magic into the mind canal through the ears.

Wells Fargo - Coming Home
Raw and pure sounds from Zimbabwe circa 1976. The best record to jam first thing in the morning. No tricks, just real fire! Special thanks to Now-Again records for bringing this to light with their compilation in 2016.

The Tropics - As Time’s Gone
Woop! Incredible USA Garage from Tampa, Florida circa 1967. Dig the middle-eastern style guitar riff and sounds like so much fun!

Dani - La Machine
1967 stomper from French model/actress/singer Daniele Graule. This song is the definition of cool. 
The Remaining Few - Painted Air
This 45 sold for $5000 in 2020! It’s soars wildly and floats down easily into your arms. This is real high quality psychedelic music scraped from the underground caves of obscurity!

Vampire Sound Inc. - There’s No Satisfaction
It’s unreal what type of sounds they’ve managed to capture here from the “Vampiros Lesbos” OST circa 1970. The entire record is excellent. When I was younger I was told the main actress Ewa Stromberg jumped out of a window and died after a bad acid trip? But I later found out that was just a rumor. 

Del Shannon - Gemini
From the guy who brought us the #1 hit “Runaway” in 1961. Del Shannon found himself embracing psychedelia and more artistic freedom in 1968 when he signed a new recording contract with Liberty Records. Classic masterpiece.

Nazz - Forget All About It
This was my anthem at the end of 2020 as I was so tired of the news that I wanted to forget all about it awhile. Todd Rundgren is truly a genius and he’s inspired so many including Kevin Parker of Tame Impala. Take a close listen to the production and you can hear something familiar.

The Stereo Shoestring - On The Road South
A heavy treat! and an absolute Texas gem from 1968.
My friend Jason Chronis has a blog dedicated to such Texas music from the same name; http://ontheroadsouth.blogspot.com. Get hip to find out more rich Texas music history. There’s a lot!

Alessandro Alessandroni - Dialogando
Magical music from Alessandroni. They say “Italians do it best” and this track is a great example of that. Let’s bring the harpsichord back!

Tomorrow’s Gift - How You Want To Live
Raw and heavy prog-psyche from Hamburg circa 1970. Singer Ellen Meyer pushes the band to the limit and they probably would have blown Jethro Tull off the stage. The Germans really knew how to capture excellent audio recordings back in the day and this is a great example. I love this entire album, they are the real deal.

Harpers Bizarre - Witchi Tai To
Definitely bizarre and emotional psychedelia. Produced by the legend VanDyke Parks and derived from a peyote song of the Native American Church. This was the Santa Cruz, California sound of 1969. They also recorded the soundtrack for the Peter Sellers movie “I love You Alice B. Toklas” around this same time period.

Raymond Scott/ Jim Henson - Limbo: The Organized Mind
Electronic guru Raymond Scott teams up with Muppets creator Jim Henson to give us a tour of the inside of the mind circa 1966. Also check out the animation to go along with it sometime. It’s super awesome!

Thanks for listening. Until next time, take care!

- Jake Garcia


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