13 From The 13th Floor | 2.13.22

13 From The 13th Floor | 2.13.22

by alex geiser on February 13, 2022
13 From The 13th Floor | 2.13.22

Jake Garcia of The Black Angels explores the sounds and history of the golden era of 1960s psych and rock & roll in


The Calico Wall - I’m a Living Sickness

Beyond psychedelic with maximum fuzz and trem from Minneapolis, MN Circa 1967.

Blues Magoos - She’s Comin’ Home

A New York garage favorite from 1966. 

Laghonia -  Bahia

Peruvian psych and soul from their 1970 album “Glue.”

Jaqueline Taieb - 7 Heures Du Matin

French YeYe in 1967! Such a fun song to dance to and she’s the coolest of cool!

Colosseum - The Kettle

Always love hearing this from my dear friend Maicol Sonosphere’s DJ set and it’s an absolute floor killer!

Popol Vuh - Oh Wie Nah Ist Der Weg Hinab

Such a unique group from Germany with a sound all of their own. They owned one of the very first Moog synthesizers in Europe but abandoned it after their first record so that they could get back to a more primitive   sound. The guitar work is something special here.

Amboy Dukes - Journey to The Center of The Mind

An LSD driven classic with a younger Ted Nugent on the guitar. I’ve always loved this track ever since I heard the Ramones cover in the 90s.

Gandalf - Golden Earrings

Their unique psychedelic version of Peggy Lee’s "Golden Earrings" which was the theme song of the 1947 romantic spy film of the same name.

Ngozi Family - We Are Not Told

Incredible African rhythms with that certain DIY trashcan fuzz sound that I love. Zamrock style!

Pierre Henry - Teen Tonic

Pierre Henry and Michel Colombier join forces to shape some great psychedelic sounds. Written for the ballet Messe Pour le Temps present in 1967.

Shangri-Las - Out in The Streets

A absolute masterpiece done in the style of Phil Spector’s wall of sound.

The Troll - Werewolf and Witchbreath

From their album “Animated Music” Circa 1968. It’s the heaviest track on the record.

Sandy Bull - Electric Blend

Folk guitarist Sandy Bull steps out on a limb to do some eastern exploration in 1968. The documented journey is something fantastic.

Thanks for listening, take care 

- Jake


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