13 FROM THE 13TH FLOOR | 7.13.23

13 FROM THE 13TH FLOOR | 7.13.23

by alex geiser on July 13, 2023
13 FROM THE 13TH FLOOR | 7.13.23

Jake Garcia of The Black Angels explores the sounds and history of the golden era of 1960s psych and rock & roll in 13 FROM THE 13TH FLOOR. Tune in below! This playlist is updated with 13 new tracks on the 13th of each month.



Neighb'rhood Childr'n - Long Years in Space
The underground sound of San Francisco circa 1968. 

Paul Martin - It Happened
A super cool and tough garage punk gem from NYC circa 1966. 

The Crickets - Now Hear This
A real stomper led by Buddy Holly’s original drummer Jerry Allison circa 1965. 

Serguei - Eu Não Volto Mais
Maybe Brazil’s best kept secret, Serguei started his musIcal dream as a flight attendant inspired by Elvis before he embraced the hippie movement.

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental - Transparent Day
Original sounds from this unique Los Angeles based psych/avant-garde outfit. 

Disillusioned Younger Generation - Who Do You Think You're Fooling
Excellent jangly garage with charm from California circa 1967. 

The Kinks - This Is Where I Belong 
My favorite Kinks song and the epitome of great power pop. 

The Keggs - To Find Out
Trashy and wild garage sounds from Detroit. The studio was burnt down shortly after they recorded this due to the Detroit Riots in 1967.

Bocaraca - Tal Vez Mañana
Tranced out psychedelic sounds from Costa Rica. 

The Pretty Things - Trust
Wonderful track from their groundbreaking album “SF Sorrow” circa 1967.

The Squires - Yours for Picking
John E. Sharp and the Squires from South Africa circa 1966.

Status Quo - Pictures of Matchstick Men 
This one’s a classic and an epic psychedelic anthem. The "matchstick men" reference is to the paintings of Salford artist L. S. Lowry and the song was written on the toilet while the writer Francis Rossi was trying to avoid his family, no joke! 

Morgen - Welcome To The Void
Primitive psychedelia from New York City circa 1969. 


Thanks for listening. See you next time!
- Jake


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