13 From The 13th Floor | 9.13.19

13 From The 13th Floor | 9.13.19

by web developer on September 13, 2019
13 From The 13th Floor | 9.13.19

Jake Garcia of The Black Angels explores the sounds and history of the golden era of 1960s psych and rock & roll in 13 FROM THE 13TH FLOOR.

Listen + read Jake’s thoughts on each of his picks for this month’s edition of the series below:



The Younger Brothers- Go Away

We’re gonna open up this playlist with this psychedelic gem from 1967. James and Michael Williams were probably only teenagers when they recorded the song. There’s something special about siblings harmonizing together, also known as blood harmony. 

Can- Oh Yeah

Damo Suzuki is on his way to Levitation in November and we are super excited! Don’t miss it! This is an absolute favorite from him and it’s his debut with Can circa 1971. 

Popol Vuh- Oh Wie Weit Ist Der Wag Hinab

A wonderfully haunting group  who helped kick-start the KrautRock scene. They were the first in Germany to have a Moog synthesizer but soon sold it to Klaus Schulze because they decided to use only natural instruments. The band has also contributed soundtracks to the films of Werner Herzog.

Cluster- Hollywood

This is the opening track from the album “Zuckerzeit” circa 1974 on the Brain Records Label. Members Moebius and Roedelius manipulated a cheap drum machine with delay and wha wha striving for a more pop sound on this album. The results are very strange and psychedelic.   

Creme Soda- Keep It Heavy

A stoned floater from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Definitely keeping it HEAVY. 

Gary Burton– Vibrafinger

Super psyche grooves from 1970! Gary Burton reaches out and experiments with new sounds on the vibraphone.

Fabio- Lindo Sonho Delirante

LSD from Brasil circa 1968. 100 percent wild!

The Rising Storm- Bright Lit Blue Skies

Top-notch 1960s American Garage here! Ariel Pink also did a great version with his Haunted Graffitti.

Michel Polnareff- La Poupee Qui Fait Non

Enjoying the rest of summer while we can and it feels so good with this song. It’s hard to believe such a great song could be created with only 3 chords and an acoustic guitar.

Janko Nilovik- Drug Song

Istanbul born Janko gets us going on this groovy French instrumental. There’s a lot happening here ; a little something for everyone. 

Kak- Electric Sailor

The sound of underground San Francisco Psych circa 1969. The title says it all!

Public Nuisance- Small Faces

Incredible band from the 60s that were undiscovered until 2002 because of Charles Manson. Long story but…. none of the recordings saw release because producer Terry Melcher, who had sub-letted a house to director Roman Polanski  became emotionally distraught after Polanski’s wife Sharon Tate was murdered by The Manson Family and so Melcher closed down the label and the album was shelved. Luckily Frantic Records somehow got the tapes and released this masterpiece for us to enjoy and it’s a monster. 

Accent- Red Sky At Night

Reverb , reverb , and yet more reverb. One of the finest British Psych songs out there in my opinion and it’s perfectly dark. It sounds like the entire band is underwater at some points. Hope you’ve enjoyed!

– Jake Garcia


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