by web developer on January 29, 2019

A fresh batch of tunes for ya in the new ELEVATED TRANSMISSIONS, where Al Lover explores the psychedelic underground of the past, present and future.

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The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Cannot Be Saved
Really great groove and classic BJM Vibes on this one. Some things never get old.

Singapore Sling – Nothin Matters But R N’R
An Awesome mix of a drum machine and great psych guitar riffs. Jesus and Mary Chain Worship at it’s finest.

Bowery Electric – Fear of Flying
Amazing ethereal Shoegaze grooves here with a nice breakbeat and 808 kick to keep your head nodding.

The Beta Band – Inner Meet Me
A great track to watch the sun rise to after a long night at a late 90s country side rave.

Moebius Plank – Feedback 66
Kraut gods coming together with a heavy, repetitive groove on their first collaborative release, Rastakraut Pasta. Note special guest Hogar Czukay of Can on Bass!

Beak> – Brean Down
Another perfectly broken, atonal but funky jam by the current kings of droned out motorik gloves.

Exploded View – Dark Stains
Anika’s current project on Sacred Bones Records. Great haunting, dubbed out post punk vibes throughout.

Lumerians – Clock Spell
This creepy other worldly, downtempo, space rock number sounds like you’re entering the palace of interplanetary vampires.

The Heavy Twelves – Blu Wavz
The perfect soundtrack to a slow motion shoot-out scene in a futuristic sci fi spaghetti western.

Oh Sees – Nail House Needle Boys
John Dwyer and co. never fail to disappoint. Especially on this jazzy but heavy mid tempo jam from their latest, Smote Reverser.

Morgen – Of Dreams
This 1969 classic is the perfect example of of the demented psychedelic rock that embodied, yet marked the inevitable end of the hippie era.

Cola Boyy – Come Mid July
Cola Boyy is the new face of dreamy, cosmic disco. On this dark, yet beautiful slow jam, Cola croons your heart from the center of a black hole galaxies far away.

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – Inundacion
The perfect song for hallucinatory star-gazing with the one you love courtesy of the undisputed Guadalajara, psych masters.

Giorgio Moroder – Leopard Tree Dream
A stellar example of 80’s synth composition and blissed out soundtracks vibes. !0 points if you can guess who sampled it.

Malibu Ken (Aesop Rock & Tobacco) – Acid King
Tobacco creates a perfect Tangerine dream-esque synth loop to give room for Aesop’s double-time flow to shine on this unique but abstract hip hop track.

Oliver Nelson – Skull Session
One of the best examples of synthed out, Jazz Funk ever recorded. Infectious grooves opening up to classic trumpet solo freak out. This one is stone cold.

Gloria Ann Taylor – Deep Inside of You – 7” Version
A holy Grail for soul collectors, this undeniably smooth track is only heightened by the generous portion of reverb and delay slathered all over it.

Earth Girl Helen Brown – Language of Love
This euphoric jam unapologetically channels a tribute to Sade’s Smooth Operator, bringing forth an elegance and beauty rarely seen in the current California underground rock scene.

Juan Wauters – Blues Chilango
The newest from Queens Native, Juan Wauters is an ode to Mexico City and it’s subway System. Recorded while traveling through Latin America with local musicians. On this track Juan captures the vibe of an afternoon in the park in one the the most amazing cities in the world.

Night Beats – Her Cold Heart
This beautifully haunting lament of love lost is the newest from Danny Lee Blackwell. Recorded with the aid of seasoned Nashville studio musicians and Dan Auerbach.

Holy Wave – How was I supposed to Know
The latest from Austin’s, Holy Wave is the melancholy day dream of a lost lover walking in circles, looking for something that once was.

Kevin Ayers – Shouting In A Bucket Blues
One of the most accessible tracks from Ayers’ solo work , “Shouting” is a beautiful, blues soaked song for late nights of drinking alone and blatantly honest reflection.

Amen Dunes – Miki Dora
This groovy, rolling track about iconic outlaw surfer by the same name simultaneously embodies both new wave and americana vibes. The soundtrack to an endless overcast summer.

Sonny Smith – Lost
Sonny Smith of Sonny and the Sunsets continues on with his country twanged melancholy garage rock. The perfect song to pop in for to start off a road trip through the back country of America.

Ron Gallo – It’s All Gonna Be OK
A heavy hitting sonic assault from one of garage rock’s current champs. The energy and free flowing spastic lyrics are all brought home with a catchy hook reassuring the listener that in fact it is all gonna be ok.

– Al Lover


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