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Dig into the latest episode of Al Lover’s ELEVATED TRANSMISSIONS, exploring the psychedelic underground of the past, present and future. Al Lover explores the LEVITATION SXSW lineup in this week’s edition of Elevated Transmissions…

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Amyl and The Sniffers – Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled)

Amazing, bratty and agitated Stooges worship as only the Aussie’s can do it.

Mike Krol – An Ambulance

Beautiful bruised power pop. You can hear the blood dripping from a busted lip on to the mic on this one.

Oh Sees – Abysmal Urn

Heavy riffs lead to melodic quandaries on what sound like current depression rates among the youth. John seems to wonder if the kids are alright.

Frankie and the Witch Fingers – Pleasure

A fuzzed out, groovy ode to what we all long for, especially after a long night booze and rock n roll.

Thee MVPs – Funeral

Straight forward, kick in the door garage rock from one of London’s best.

DYGL – Bad Kicks

Tokyo based DYGL bring a sense of urgency on this one reminiscent of the best that ’77 had to offer.

The Mystery Lights – Too Many Girls

Mystery Lights lament an understandable but not so bad problem on this classic Pebbles garage soaked jam.

Melenas – Mentiras

Hailing from Pamlona, Spain, Melenas really bring something fresh to the 60s girl group inspired side of garage rock, making it familiar but also something all their own.

Moonwalks – Sequins

Imagine waking up inside of an Alejandro Jodorowsky plot with no sense of context to this expansive psych track.

Dopey’s Robe – Oblong Sayonara

Off kilter grooves, reverb soaked guitars and vocals that sound like they’re being sung by some sort of devilish character out of an old warner brothers cartoon give this track a quirky slant that I’m loving.

The Blank Tapes – It’s in My Mind

Matt Adams is back with the another one of the best sonic representations of Southern Californian beach rock ever. I need to go dive in the Pacific after this one.

Holy Wave – The Nurse’s Tale

The boys are back with some ethereal, new wave vibes that will take you into the deepest regions of you mind, and if you’re not careful you might not return.

Nothing – I Hate The Flowers

Philly-based Nothing has perfected the combination of Shoegaze, Grunge and Noise in a way that few others have and this track is a perfect representation of it.

Wand – Scarecrow

Wand take it to Abingdon-on-Thames in the 90’s on this one. What a beautiful track from one of the most creative of the current LA psych rocker scene.

Jonathan Bree – Coke

New Zealand based crooner, Jonathan Bree comes with a beautiful can of pop that sounds like a it could score a scene of a walk through central park in a Woody Allen movie.

The Chills – Pink Frost 13

A current remake of one of the first tracks released from the Kiwi rockers shows that after 30 years, these geezers still got it. Haunting and beautiful all at once.

Numb.er – A Memory Stained

New to the scene, LA post punks Numb.er are about to really do it. Another one the best LA bands out right now. I might have to put on some eye shadow to this one.

The KVB – Above Us

Straight to the dystopian sci-fi future that inspired Daniel Miller with this one. Motorik grooves, buzzing synths and processed guitars carry the listener right to the end of time.

Boogarins – Sombra ou Dúvida

Brazilian neo-tropicalia experimentalists, Boogarins go deep into a strange dubbed out, broken pop trip on this one. Who else is making music like this right now?

Anemone – She’s the One

Beautiful, blissed out French pop paired with groovy afro disco percussion give this track so much movement. Lose yourself in the music to this one.


CHAI is about to take over y’all. This track will fuck any dance floor up, I don’t care who you are. You can’t win. Submit to the groove.

KOKOKO! – Affaire a Mbongo

This band is everything Liquid Liquid wished it could be.

Combo Chimbita – Testigo

Experimental Cumbia abstractions mixed with Nina Hagen style theatrical vocals give this track one of the most unique vibes I’ve heard in a while. Love it.

XIXA – Osiris

Haunting, occult Mex-Americana vibes. Ride of into the eternal sunset to this one.

Dead Meadow – Rest Natural

Dead Meadow go full spiritual ambient jazz here. A departure from their usual heavy riffed grooves, this track definitely inspired a cerebral transcendence.

– Al Lover


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