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Dig into the latest episode of Al Lover’s ELEVATED TRANSMISSIONS, exploring the psychedelic underground of the past, present and future. Al Lover explores the LEVITATION SXSW lineup in this week’s edition of Elevated Transmissions…

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The Budos Band – Old Engine Oil
Budos Band are back with the heavy funk and solid riffs we know and love. I’m getting some James Gang Meets the JBs vibes here.

Goat – Let it Burn
Goat’s latest single goes straight into fuzzed out Sabbath territory with only a torch to light the way through the maze of your own mind

ORB – Silverfern
Syd Barrett and Alexander Skip Spence are dancing together in hell to this one.

Wooden Shjips – Golden Flower
Wooden Ships never fail to disappoint with their assertive space rock that takes it to warp speed straight out of the gate.

The Lay Llamas  – Holy Worm
Lay Llamas latest takes us right to the sahara on a groovy acid soaked desert voyage.

Vaudou Game – Anniversaire
Vodun vibes. Try not to shake your butt to this one.

Vytas Brenner – El Cristofue
Venezuelan prog disco? Who knew? A beautiful track through and through, I’m loving the back up vocals especially.

Acid House Ragas – Bhairavi
Elephant Stone’s Rishi Dhir newest solo project. Lush other worldly sitars paired with 80s Acid House beats performed in a traditional Raga format. Sign me up!!!

Daedelus – Baba Yaga (The Breathing Effect Cover)
Jazz duo Breathing Effect put producer Daedalus’ track Baba Yaga, a minimal and mellow track, originally released in 2014 into high gear with this current jazz funk explosion.

Adrian Younge – Heaven’s Found
Adrian Younge is our generation’s Davis Axle Rod in my humble opinion, with a beautiful mixture of lush string arrangements, euphoric vocal harmonies and heavy break beats. You can’t beat these compositions.

Kikagaku Moyo – Amayadori
A mellow little rainy day, on the porch jam from the current Japanese gods of prog.

Oy / Clap! Clap! – Hope
A collaborative song between Italian producer Clap! Clap! and Berlin based band Oy gives way to an amazing blend of heavy beats, glitched samples. Beautiful textures that reminds me of early Fourtet

Onra – Let Me Fantasize
A beautiful blend of 80’s boogie samples and synths mixed with current blowout production styles makes you feel like your tinder date just jumped into Billy Ocean’s car, but you don’t mind because she was kind of lame anyhow.

Fern Kinney – Baby Let Me kiss You
A great boogie funk version of The King Floyd classic, for whom she sang backups for on his hit “Groove Me” is equally amazing and cheesy with some cool Moroder vibes.

Klaus Johann Grobe – Out of Reach
Beautifully textured Space Disco at it’s finest. I’m dancing in my damn chair while I type this.

Johny Kosmo – Parrots of Highland Park
Johnny Kosmo takes the current LA trend for the funky, weirdo, private press enthusiasts into the perfect zone of a nostalgic VHS technicolor dream.

The Holydrug Couple – Forever End
Beautiful pop melodies from the Chilean children of chill.

Nick Waterhouse – Song for Winners
Groovy and aggressive, frustrated R&B at it’s best. This track from LA based Soulman, Nick Waterhouse has got me shakin’ all over.

A. Savage – Indian Style
A stellar and emotional track from the amazing solo record by Parquet Courts frontman A. Savage.

Tropical Fuck Storm – You Let My Tyres Down
WTF is going on here? It’s like a fuzzed out stew of Warren Zevon, Magnolia Electric Co. and Sonic Youth. This might be my newest favorite song!

Obnox – Bangaar
It’s not rap rock, it’s rock rap. Former Bassholes Drummer, Lamont “Bim” Thomas, knows the difference. Do you?

Constant Mongrel – 600 Pounds
Why is it that the Ozzy’s do abrasive in your face punk so well? They’re the best. This is a great example of the type of dark immediate post punk that I love.

Deaf Wish – FFS
Another perfect example of how they do bratty, spit in your face punk the best down under. Cosmic Psychos would be proud.

RMFTM / 10 000 Rusos – Dazzling Rays
Mechanical motorik percussion, strange bass feedback swells and distant guitars and chanting make this one a strange but interesting listen, somewhere in between dead skeletons and Neu!.

Nest Egg – DMTIV
The best psych / kraut band from the southeast U.S. in my opinion. I may be partial since they’re from my hometown, but I think this track speaks for itself.

– Al Lover


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