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Dig into the latest episode of Al Lover’s ELEVATED TRANSMISSIONS, exploring the psychedelic underground of the past, present and future.

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The Soft Boys – Human Music

A beautiful mix of loose, English punk and 60s psychedelic rock. Lush harmonies and great guitar work through and through. It’s got a Kinks vibe to it that I love.

Michael Rault – I’ll Be There

One of my favorite tracks from the last year. A recent addition to Daptones’ rock subsidiary, Wick Records, Rault brings a sunny and breezy, classic rock flare to a more garage based label.

Kevin Morby – No Halo

Kevin Morby is the truth. Over the years he’s developed a truly unique take on folk and Americana that’s as uplifting as this almost gospel-esque track is.

Lee Hazelwood – Tulsa Sunday

This jam from everyone’s favorite producer / seducer is a groovy representation of what it feels like to be stoned on a Sunday, somewhere in Dixieland, USA.

Gene Clark – Some Misunderstanding

One of the godfathers of the psychedelic Americana movement in the 1970s almost brings me to tears on this ethereal song of longing.

Lou Reed – Endless Cycle

My dad used to continually bump this record while he would work on motorcycles when I was young, and I never got it until a couple years ago. The irony of the first line on here is too good considering the circumstances.

Fairport Convention – Suzanne

An amazing take on my favorite Leonard Cohen song by Richard Thompson’s first band, Airport Convention, one of the innovators of a truly British form of folk rock.

Mark Fry – The Witch

One of the most incredible and haunting acid folk cuts of all time. Baba Yaga is waiting for you to fall asleep.

Broselmaschine – Schmetterling

Other worldly eastern rhythms paired with dry, German spoken word. What’s not to love here?

Kim Jung Mi – It’s Raining

It’s raining from my eyes when this track plays. How could it not? Jesus.

Hibo Nuura – Haddii Hoobalkii Gabay (If the Artist Let’s You Down)

A truly slammin’ dance cut from one of the most resected Somali female singers of all time, with a career spanning over 50 years.

Tom Tom Club – You Make Me Rock and Roll

It’s rare for a band, after such a long hiatus, to release a project that is true to form and doesn’t show the depressing crows feet of the aging rocker. What a groove on this one!

CAN – Serpentine

Can take a jazz funk trip down the Nile on this one with the help of ex-Traffic Members Rosko Gee and Rebop Kwaku Baah, but Holgar jumped ship halfway through the journey.   

Crispy Ambulance – Are You Ready?

This track makes me think of a scenario where members of Liquid Liquid, Magazine and Wire were forced to form a supergroup at gunpoint.

The Mauskovic Dance Band – Things to Do

I just recently was introduced to this band while on tour. Wild amphetamine Cumbia from Jacco Gardner collaborator Nicola Mauskovic.

Flamingods – Anya (Meridian Brothers Remix)

A mind-blowing mix of lush strings, vocals and off kilter bruised electronic beats. One of the more interesting musical juxtapositions I’ve heard lately, but it coming from combination of these bands doesn’t surprise me.

Susso – Mamadou

Broken, jagged and overblown percussion paired with frantic xylophones dance all around a baseline that never leaves your pocket. Kind of reminds me of early Four Tet a bit.

Botany – Tenth

Austin based producer, Botany blends the perfect mix of dreamy shoegaze-esqe samples, synths and deconstructed Dilla percussion on this one.

Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX – My Cloud

The revolution will not be televised, but it will be streamed on Spotify.

Tommy Guerrero – Signals from Points Beyond

A martian walk through a psychedelic tiki bar dream from Skateboarding legend and musical genius, Tommy Guerrero

Vincent Gallo – I Wrote this Song For The Girl Paris Hilton

I wonder what Paris Hilton thought when she heard this for the first time in a candle lit, lower east side flat at 4am on every drug imaginable. I wonder if she ever DJs it? Remember when Paris Hilton had a DJ Career. VH1 behind the music.

Bitchin Bajas – Angels and Demons at Play

Internal Ayahuasca struggles as the panther god watches on.

Michael Garrison – To the Other Side of the Sky

Space is the place? Well goddamn it, engage warp speed and beam me up.

Rotary Connection – Sunshine Of Your Love

An amazing cover of Creme’s classic from the godfathers of psychedelic soul. Side note – Members of Rotary Connection made up the backing band for Electric Mud and The Howling’ Wolf Album on the Cadet Concepts label. Thanks Wikipedia!

David Axelrod – Mucho Chupar

One of many funky jams from the God, Axlerod. Being one of the most sampled musicians of all time, the man must have had a damn good lawyer.

– Al Lover


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