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Dig into the latest episode of Al Lover’s ELEVATED TRANSMISSIONS, exploring the psychedelic underground of the past, present and future.

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The Flying Burrito Bros – Older Guys

As one who is coming to the realization that I am now an “older guy”, at least in relationship to some of my friends, I feel as if this song just makes sense. And speaks the truth!

Kris Kristofferson – Little Girl lost

One of the greatest song writers ever. If you don’t know, now you know. Do you homework on this MF. 

Pops Staples – Somebody Was Watching

God is great, God is good and thank him for Pops Staples, amen. 

Cass McCombs – Sleeping Volcanoes

I always slept on Cass McCombs. I’ve heard of him for years and so many folks that I respect their music taste have always praised him, but for some reason it hasn’t stuck until now. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and just want to live on a farm.

Fat Mattress – Mr. Moonshine

Jimi Hendrix’s Bassist, Noel Redding’s side project. A great and Dynamic song. I love the jazz breakdown mid song. 

The Brian Jonestown Massacre – We Never Had a Chance

I’m loving this track. I really like when Anton releases the weird experimental stuff he does under the BJM name, but this one is just a classic. 

Townes Van Zandt – Snake Song

This album’s been on ice since 1973! Recorded in a home studio in ATL. I’m so grateful to have new Townes material. I might cry.

Serge Gainsbourg – Cargo culte

The wrap up to Serge’s 1971 masterpiece. Such an amazing and dynamic piece of work.  

Antena – To Climb the Cliff

Beautiful weirdo neo-lounge grooves from ’82. 

Vanishing Twin – KRK (At Home In Strange Places)

These folks might be my new favorite current band. I’m probably going to say this about a new band each week. But they really got something interesting going on here.

Martin Dupont – You Passion

I’m really becoming a francophile, I love foie gras but I hate postmodernism so I’m conflicted. Hhhhhhmmmmmm

Cluster – Halwa

Godfathers of contemporary experimental electronics. I don’t think we’d have a million little modular synth companies taking off these days without ol’ Hans and Dieter.

Paul Horn & Nexus – African Funeral Song

How many hippies do you think took acid to Paul Horn’s music and decided it was time to make the pilgrimage to the east? I be a lot. I might just pick up thy teas and walk.

Internazionale – The Earth Is Gorgeous

A strange one. I feel like I want to walk in the rain to this one. Hopefully it rains today, that would really be great for my hangover. 

Croatian Amor – Point Reflex Blue

Cool “experimental Industrial” with a muted pop sensibility from Copenhagen. Loving the drum programming on this one. 

Acid House Ragas – Yaman (Al Lover Remix)

A remix I did for Rishi of Elephant Stone’s new side project. My first step into the endless dark pool of dance music.

Sun City Girls – Dolores

I’m not sure how SCG put out all the music they did, to say the catalog is vast is a serious understatement. I can only assume there were some strange forces at work behind the scenes. 

Gnoomes – Sword In The Stone

Wake up at 5am and go for a jog to this one. Own your day!

Institute – Dazzle Point

Insert really good, angry political post punk song number one here. 

Exit Group – The Butcher

Insert really good, angry political post punk song number two here.

The C.I.A. – Pleasure Seeker

Ty and Denee Segall’s new group starring the best drummer in the biz, the Rhythm Ace. 

The Coathangers – Step Back

ATL represent! I love The Coathangers. I Love the slap back delay on the snare on this one. I love the mellow beginnings and the strong finish. I love this song!

23 Skidoo – Vegas El Bandito

I really hate this band’s name. Always have, always will, but I love the music. Skidoo, who names their band Skidoo?!?!? 

Josef K – Terry’s Show Lies

Whimsical and groovy punk funk, Tom Verlaine-esque vocals. You can see the influence they and Orange Juice had on the indie rock to come. 

Orange Juice – Dying Day

Music to ride a bicycle through the english countryside to on the one sunny day they have a year. 

– Al Lover


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