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Yoko Ono – Death of Samantha

If you’re not team Yoko at this point then I just can’t help you. She has done more to subvert popular culture then anyone currently standing in her shadow. And as much as I am annoyed with Postmodernism at this point, I can’t deny her immense contribution to the arts and culture in general. So get on board the yoko locomotive already and let that screechy whistle blow!

Cate Le Bon – The Light

I can’t get enough of Cate. Her new record so far isn’t the angular and whimsical meanderings I’ve come to love from her, but rather the exact opposite. Lushly produced and beautifully arranged pop genius.

Reptaliens – Wake up

I’m not feeling this band’s name at all. And  if y’all don’t know by now, I’m a big fan of the goofy, dad joke word play as much as any other hipster millennial. But Im evolving and I can see past things like this now and I can’t deny that this might be one of the feel good jams of the summer. I’m smiling now just thinking of this little jamboree.

Kadhja Bonet – Thoughts Around Tea

Most of the other stuff I’ve heard from this lady is really amazing contemporary soul music. But this track seems to be really Unique in comparison to her other work. It’s got a bit of a French Nuevo pop vibe, really cool, hissy electronic drums and an overall bright and sunny disposition which makes me want a cup of mint tea.

Hidden Ritual – Wilderness

These boys really know how to get it. One of the best bands in Austin in my humble opinion. Although this track is a mellow instrumental, it thoroughly displays the frantic and nervous energy that makes HD so interesting.

Fat White Family – Kim’s Sunsets

Sounds like The Fat whites took a little trip to The Ivory Coast on this one. Maybe they were going down for some ibogaine therapy to kick their bloody drug habits and got inspired. That’s a pretty rock n roll thing to do. And the Fat Whites are probably the most genuine rock n roll group out right now.

Alex Cameron – Miami Memory

I’m digging this track. Bold and genuine, yet crude lyrics step boldly into the cheese, but I guess that’s the vibe. The oyster lyric is a bit too much, but being overly vocal about eating ass is all the rage these days. I wonder if std clinics have seen a spike in Hep C since the craze started?

Kevin Morby – Nothing Sacred / All Things Sacred 

I’m very supportive of artists finding religion. Hopefully it’s in order to fulfill a higher calling or find a deeper connection to their existential reality, but even if it’s just to have an excuse to have beautiful female gospel backups on the track then I’m all the way on board.

Skinshape – After Midnight

This track is aptly titled. I’m reminiscing about walking through a my hometown in the snow at about 3am. When the city was silent and all you can hear is the winter wind biting your ears off. But who cares because it’s magical and I’m on mushrooms seeing white tigers in the mounds of snow.

Super Eagles – Love’s a Real Thing

Afro funk at its finest. I was always a little apprehensive of David Byrne’s cultural appreciation (not a appropriation, don’t get it twisted) of African music. As I’ve grown and become more wise I’ve gotten over that, especially when his label, Luaka Bop started putting out camps with tracks like this on them. What a scorcher!

Sudan Archives – Pay Attention

I’m loving the production on this one. The modern neo soul style vocals not so much, but I can look past it as she really has a great cadence and the way the hook is layered is really beautiful.

Bastien Keb – Doodlebag

An off kilter, other worldly loop that sounds like it was made at 4am under the influence of Afghani hash and lack of sleep. Any beat with bells in it get’s me. This one kind of has an old Fourtet kind of vibe.

Iona Fortune – Kun

Speaking of bells, this one sounds like I’m in a house of mirrors, except instead of mirrors it’s a house of delay. Maybe there’s a mischievous jester of some sort, beckoning me fourth. And lots of fog, R.L. Stein style.

Ros Serey Sothea – Unknown

What a bunch of squares the Khmer Rouge were. Cambodians were gettin’ down before these loser commies came in and ruined the party. All jokes aside what happened in Vietnam and Cambodia in the 60s and 70s is obviously abhorrent but man, how many of the soldiers wanted to dance but would have been executed for busting a move? Communism is such a drag.

Wand – Wonder

What an amazing blend of heavy psych and spectacular Americana. I’ve said it before but Wand is one of the most interesting bands out.

POW! – Peter

Speaking of the most current interesting bands, POW! Is upper crust synth punk. Not crust punk, crust punk sucks. Get a job and a home so your dog’s not forced to live on the street you goddamn hippy, and wash your Left Over Crack shirt already. But honestly, some of my best friends were crust punks… Were.

Radio Birdman – Love Kills

The a great heartfelt tune from The Godfathers of all things punk in the land of Oz. I love the piano on this one.

Cheetah Chrome – Take Me Home

This poor dead boy’s sad… and wasted. Get him home. Did you hear that crust punks? Even Cheetah Chrome has a house. Get it together already.

George Brigman – DMT

I don’t know what kind of DMT they had in the 70s but it sounds horrible. I’m so glad we live in 2019 where you can cook up some DMT in your crock pot and smoke it in the comfort of an upscale loft in order talk to God.

Stone Axe – Slave of Fear

This dude is scared, but at least he’s honest about his confusing fear. At least the riff’s got balls even if’s he singer’s a wimp.

Salt Lick – Dead Drunk Blues

Permanent records in the house. The big dawgs are coming in hot with blown out riffs that’ll make your titties jiggle. Dig it.

*Read in voice of grizzled 70s biker.

Hawkwind – Lost Johnny

What really needs to be said about the Space rock gods. I’m just gonna smoke some really shit Brown weed and stare at a black lift poster to this one.

Wand – Wonder

What an amazing blend of heavy psych and spectacular Americana. I’ve said it before, but Wand is one of the most interesting bands out.

Embryo – You don’t Know What’s Happening

I feel like this track alone could induce serious hallucinations in the right setting. Drug free is the way to be kids! Just listen to psychedelic wild jazz fusion rock to get your kicks!

Gong – Master Builder

Apparently Sherman Hemsley aka George Jeffersons was a huge prof rock fan and Gong was his favorite. Below is an account from Gong’s Daevid Allen about meeting him. Such a trip!

“Inside the front door of Sherman’s house was a sign saying, ‘Don’t answer the door because it might be the man.’ There were two Puerto Ricans that had a LSD laboratory in his basement, so they were really paranoid. They also had little crack/freebase depots on every floor. Then Sherman says, ‘Come on upstairs and I’ll show you the Flying Teapot room.’ Sherman was very sweet but was surrounded by these really crazy people.

We went up to the top floor and there was this big room with darkened windows and “Flying Teapot” is playing on a tape loop over and over again. There were also three really dumb-looking, very voluptuous Southern gals stoned and wobbling around naked. They were obviously there for the guys to play around with.

[My girlfriend] Maggie and I were really tired and went to our room to go to bed. The room had one mattress with an electric blanket and that was it. No bed covering, no pillow, nothing. The next day we came down and Sherman showed us a couple of [The Jeffersons] episodes.

One of our fans came and rescued us, but not before Sherman took us to see these Hollywood PR people. They said, ‘Well, Mr. Hemsley wants us to get the information we need in order to do these Flying Teapot billboards on Sunset Strip.’ I looked at them and thought they were the cheesiest, most nasty people that I had ever seen in my life and I gave them the runaround. I just wanted out of there. I liked Sherman a lot. He was a very personable, charming guy. I just had a lot of trouble with the people around him.”

Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Arkestra – It’s After the End of the World

I honestly dig Sun Ra’s philosophy a bit more then the music, but you know, it all goes hand in hand. Space is the place and don’t you forget it.

– Al Lover


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