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Dig into the latest episode of Al Lover’s ELEVATED TRANSMISSIONS, exploring the psychedelic underground of the past, present and future.

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Beak> – RSI

What is it in the murky bog water of Bristol that makes for such great music? Since the 90’s it’s been a hub for innovation, and Beak> is a huge part of that legacy. 

Fujiya & Miyagi – Extended Dance Mix

I love being talked at over a nice minimal droned out, krautrock dance track. I once thought about combining non-fiction audible books or lectures over a mix repetitive instrumental house music for jogging. SO you can keep pace but also learn some shit. Maybe I’ll actually do that and change the game.  

Public Practice – Foundation

Again, please talk to me. Singing out. Make me feel important, like you need to be heard. But maybe talk less about houses, because that sounds like David Byrne or a real estate agent.  

Crack Cloud – The Next Fix

These folks sound like they dug into my mind when I was 20. Weird experimental hip hop vibes mixed with dark, danceable post punk. 

Konk – Baby Dee

Kings of the 80s NYC funk punk scene. Well, maybe James Chance was, but I find Konk more interesting. Less Ironic. This shit makes me want to breakdance. 

Squid – The Cleaner

I’m not sure about this dude’s yelling vocal style, I guess he’s going for a character but it’s a little jarring. The dynamics, structure and hook of this track are really dope though. It’s a goddamn quirky, sonic adventure.

B Boys – Cognitive Dissonance

I wonder if these guys breakdance? I feel like they might be a little to angular and rigid for a windmill to head spin to freeze combo, but they sure do make good post punk rock. 

Black Marble – One Eye Open

This track makes me think of the over saturated colors in an old blown out VHS tape where the tracking sucks. Not the current app that emulates the effect, but an actual shitty VCR.

The Vacant Lots – Bells

Classic material from The Vacant Lots. If the chain ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

Mint Field – Eclipse Solar

I love the dynamics and exploration of genres on this track. They’re jumping all over the place but it’s cohesive and interesting, not forced.  

Damaged Bug – The Cryptologist

John Dwyer’s side project that sounds like it’s made by an evil scientist in an obscure 80’s educational cartoon meant to teach kids about the dangers of illicit drug use. 

Cabaret Voltaire – Kneel To The Boss

Dubbed out, tape loops and demented electronics from the kings of British punk experimentation before the new wave crested. 

The Human League – Toyota City

The soundtrack for a future land, where Japanese automobiles flood the streets and the sushi is served on a conveyor belt. 

Gary Numan – Random

Gary shut up for this one, You want to hear his perplexed and paranoid voice but I assume he was captured by robots in this part of the story.

Kraftwerk – Antenna

I still think of Mike Myer’s Sprockets skit on SNL every time I hear Kraftwerk. Envisioning his character Dieter’s dance moves to each track gets me every time.

Michael Rother – Klangkorper

I was in a bar in Oslo after a festival where Michael Rother had headlined and he was hanging out. The classic post punk band Wire had played as well and the bassist from Wire was telling me how much he had been influenced by Rother and fanboyed out to me for over an hour about it. It was a surreal experience and one of my favorite meta music moments. 

Riechmann – Weltweit

Arpeggiated, self-indulgent german exploration from former Rother collaborator. 

Edgar Froese – Era Of The Slaves

It must have been a trip to be a German in the 70s. Cold War and all that. No wonder why folks could produce such deeply meditative and dark music like this. 

Troller – Storm Maker

This is a much brighter sound from Austin’s Troller then I’m used to. It sounds like the soundtrack to a bdsm festishist finding God in sex torture or something like that. 

Club Kuru – Don’t Swim Don’t Sink

Some cool UMO vibes on this. Groovy funk vibes, warbled guitars and the yearning of a desperate man.

Dungen – Franks Kaktus

Dungen forever will sound like the funky house band who’s venue is a mystical Swedish forest. Gnomes playing flutes and shit. I spent the night walking around one of those forests one night after a festival outside of Stockholm. I swear I heard one of those goddamn gnomes flautists taunting me with his enchanting harmonies until the sun came up. Amazing. 

Al Lover – Dark Matter Discotheque

Another toe dipped into some kind of disco daze from you your boy. 

Shigeto – Pusher

 A nice jazzy house vibe on this one. I feel like Mark Ferina would approve. 

Silver Apples – Oscillations 2019

A modern and tortured revision of the groundbreaking Silver Apples track from 1968.

Follakzoid – IIII

Did Follakzoid move to Berlin? Sounds like they had a residency at Berghain in preparation for this record. Deep dark dive.

– Al Lover


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