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Dig into the latest episode of Al Lover’s ELEVATED TRANSMISSIONS, exploring the psychedelic underground of the past, present and future.

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Amen Dunes – L.A.
Amen Dunes is probably one of my favorite current singer / songwriters. I usually can’t understand a lot of what he’s saying because of his vocal style, but it’s his vocal style that conveys so much of the emotion that makes his music so impactful.

Darker My Love – Cry on Me Woman
This record shows Tim Preseley’s slow lurch from a somewhat typical psych band, that is awesome no doubt, into the twisted genius of White Fence.

The Black Angels – Half Believing (Demo)
I love when band’s release demos. It shows the process, the imperfections, the magic. These days that’s so important, especially for up and coming musicians who are berated by the perfections that current technology has allowed us. It reveals more of the human element of the process of making music. Keep it primitive!

The Telescopes – Strange Waves
The muffled vocal mix at the beginning of this song confused me a bit but then they start to creep from out of dimly lit, psychedelic coffin into the cold night of distortion, ready to attack unsuspecting victims. And I figured it out, it represents the waking of a psychedelic vampire!

Faust – Just A Second (Starts Like That!)/Picnic On A Frozen River/Deuxieme Tableaux
Do you have to sell your soul to the devil to become one of the most wild and out there Krautrock bands? Or do you just have to endure the heavy effects of post World War II Germany? Either has got to be quite a surreal reality.

Domenique Dumont – Message of the Diving Bird
Feel like a light romp through a jungle dream state? If so this is the perfect track. I can imagine the little dance / walk shuffle I’d be doing.

Brian Eno, Jah Wobble – Spinner
Two of the weirdest Brits to do it. I swear this record is a nod of the old bowler hat to Can. If you have a look at the cover while listening to the repetitive bass lines on this one, you’ll probably figure out why.

Bernard Szajner – Basher
How come this dude figured out how to make the music I’ve been trying to perfect in the 70s in France? What the fuck Bernard? Quick side note from his bio – “During the 70’s he moved on from conventional lighting technology and pioneered the creative and commercial use of lasers, also inventing a novel laser harp (or ‘Syeringe’), thus reversing the orthodox logic of light triggered by music, to create music triggered by light, as well as controlling sound in a manner impossible with conventional synthesizers, and delivering a wider octave range.” Again, What the fuck Bernard?!?!

Ray Barbee – Tiara for Computer
A beast of a track from professional skateboarder turned musician. I swear there’s something about growing up skateboarding and tricking your mind into seeing things in normal life that aren’t there to everyone else. “Oh, that handrail that curves around to the left? As soon as that old lady stops using it for what it was made for, I’m going to slide this piece of wood on wheels down it.” This type of mindset becomes common place as you get older and are able to apply that abstract way of thinking to other areas of life, like the arts. But maybe I’m partial?

Moon Duo – Lost Heads
Moon Duo really found the light didn’t they? I remember when they’re first record came out and it was pretty dark. Must be some good livin’ up there in Portland!

TR/ST – Destroyer
I don’t know much about this dude but he’s pretty dope. This track is a little lighter than his previous work, but I dig it. Almost has a Future Island kind of vibe with a bit more of an exposed shadow.

Bauhaus – Terror Couple Kill Colonel (version)
This version sounds like someone dipped into the whip-its and cranked up the Chrome. I’m confused but intrigued. They had me at “version”.

X-Ray Spex – Germ Free Adolescents
I love Poly Styrene’s vocals. Such a classic “Fuck you, I don’t know how to sing but I’m gonna anyhow, ya bloke!” punk attitude. Leave her voice cracking in on the take, amazing. Probably has to do with a limited recording budget, but whatever, it’s just great.

The Bongos – Certain Harbours
I had never heard of this band before and probably would have never listened, due to how they’re dressed in their bio pics. But I’m glad I got over my bias and was able to discover these Feelies sounding power pop genius’.

The Modern Lovers – Dignified and Old
Poor Jonathan. One day he’ll get over what Hippie Johnny did and will be able to be dignified and old. Wait, that day is here. He is just that. Way to go Jonathan! Fuck Hippie Johnny, he ain’t shit!

Crocodiles – Wait Until Tomorrow
Road Runner riff anyone? One of my favorite things about music is the rip. Rip it all! Reconfigure it, make it your own. Music is not ours to own, it’s a transcendent force reflected through 12 or so notes structured mathematically to appeal to the human ear and dictated by culture. It isn’t yours! But also, get a good lawyer.

Flamin’ Groovies – Yes It’s True
What a great Beatles song! Again, Rip from the hip!

Big Star – Femme Fatale
A great and somber version of the Velvet’s classic by the god, young Chilton.

The Only Ones – The Whole Of The Law
I love punk songs where the “I’ll put safety pins in my face and spit in your face” facade is dropped. It’s so juvenile. Love isn’t for bratty kids with a chip on their shoulder. It’s for romantic grown ups who like sexy saxophone.

Boys Age – Phantasm Gem
A great jazzy mellow groove in the Japanese tradition of Shitaro Sakamoto.

Stevie Moore – Part Of The Problem
What a whacko. One of the biggest influences on the current craze of home recording and private press hype. Ariel Pink wouldn’t be nada without this dude. It’s so crazy to think that this fellow would just sit in his house and record music and send it out to the small group of folks who were interested via personal cassette tape. What the actual fuck?!? We’re so lucky these days to have shit like bandcamp and soundcloud and spotify as musicians. I don’t think I romanticize the old days of underground music, but I see the romance in them.

Dwight Twilley Band – Feeling In The Dark
A nice little 70s rock, glam jingle. Not much to say here as far as I’m concerned. Just a solid jam for rolling around in your parent’s car looking for chicks at the drive in.

T Rex – Explosive Mouth
Marc, oh Marc. You are the best. If anyone said the things you say, they would get laughed out-of-town. But you say them so well and we love you for it.

Alain Kan – Orphelie
From the album “Fortunately in France One Does Not Take Drugs” by the looks of the cover and the sitar in this one, I’m assuming the title is cheekily Ironic.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre – (David Bowie I Love You) Since I Was Six 
This one sounds like it was written after Bowie’s death. It’s got the heartbreak all the way in it, but obviously it was years prior. I wonder if Anton was just sitting there like, “Bowie’s getting old, he’ll die soon. I’m gonna beat that asshole to the punch!” Now that’s a power move.

– Al Lover


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