13 From The 13th Floor | 1.13.21

13 From The 13th Floor | 1.13.21

by LEVITATION on January 13, 2021
13 From The 13th Floor | 1.13.21

Jake Garcia of The Black Angels explores the sounds and history of the golden era of 1960s psych and rock & roll in 13 FROM THE 13TH FLOOR!

We're gonna start dropping these each month on the 13th. Here's the first batch for 2021:

The Roots - It's Been a Long Journey
Fort Worth Texas garage-punk at it's finest circa 1965. It was originally released as a 45 on Brownfield Recordings and it's an absolute favorite of mine!

Witch - Introduction
Psychedelic Rock from Zambia circa 1972. W.IT.C.H stands for "We Intend To Cause Havoc!" They have currently resurfaced with new members and are stronger than ever. Check out the recent documentary film on them.  

Mehrpouya - Soul Raga
A 70's super groove by Iranian sitar player Abbass Mehrpouyah. Iran's western influenced pop music scene emerged in the 1950s and disappeared in 1979 after the revolution. So far everything I've found from this era is golden.

Buffalo Springfield - Down to the Wire
A deep cut from 60's California group Buffalo Springfield who consisted of Neil Young and Stephen Stills! They didn't last long due to one of the members (Bruce Palmer) being deported back to Canada for marijuana charges. They next became Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.

George Harrison - Red Lady Too
From the soundtrack of the movie 'Wonderwall" starring Jane Birkin. The Beatle George Harrison breaks away to have some recording fun with his buddy Eric Clapton and others in 1968.

The Network - The Boys and the Girls
Little is known about this heady 45 from 1968 other than it was released the same year as "The White Album" and sounds reminiscent of "Love." The vocals are beyond haunted.

Fire - Treacle Toffee World
This British psyche-pop gem is the snappy B-side to "Father's Name is Dad" circa 1968. It's rumored Paul McCartney was involved with the recording?

Mark Fry - The Witch
Dark and spiritual track from the 1972 album "Dreaming With Alice." Mark Fry was just 19yrs old when he recorded this!

Ennio Morricone - L'ultimo
An epic song from the Maestro Morricone. This song is so hopeful with magic harpsichord and climax upon climax.  

Kaleidoscope - Hang Out
There were a bunch of groups called "Kaleidoscope" but the Mexican "Kaleidoscope" is the wildest and rarest! Recorded in 1967 and finally released on the Orphan label in 1969.

The Pretty Things - Defecting Grey
From the album S.F. Sorrow circa 1968. The album is considered to be one of the first ever concept albums and this is a bonus track.

The Godz - Down By The River
A very gritty acid folk sound. The band members met and formed after meeting at Sam Goody's musical instrument store in New York City where they all worked. The album "The Third Testament" was released on ESP Discs. Yet another 1968 record , seems to be a running theme here.

Alice Coltrane - Journey In Satchidana
John Coltrane's wife Alice is at the meditation center here with Pharoah Sanders by her side. Rashied Ali on drums to tie it all together.
I never get tired of this track, it's so inspirational. Thanks for listening, Until next time, Take Care.

- Jake Garcia


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